Another One? FBI Agent Visits Woman’s Home Over Tweet

Is this going to become a regular occurrence? If so, it’s chilling, but it’ll be documented as every home has a Ring cam system or a variation of it. If you don’t have one, it’s best to invest in one for home security purposes and recording potential run-ins with federal agents. A Texas woman, ‘Kam St. Martin,’ was visited by an FBI agent for a tweet pinned on her profile. She called out the justice system for letting her cousin’s alleged murderer out on probation. The visit was recorded, but the FBI also reportedly visited the victim’s family as well:

The FBI being viewed as Biden’s Gestapo grows every day. These antics are out of control and will continue until we get a new president.

 It dovetails off an incident in Oklahoma, where three FBI agents visited a woman over the anti-Biden posts she shared on Facebook.

The woman smartly recorded the encounter on her phone. She told the agents in no uncertain terms that she would not answer any questions and that what she did was constitutionally protected free speech. The agent gives her the Oklahoma City FBI Office number before leaving.

It’s not paranoia when they’re really after you. That’s the FBI right now.

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