Woman Records Very Creepy Visit by the FBI

Three individuals who claimed to be FBI agents visited a woman in Oklahoma. If there were any examples of the Department of Justice becoming Joe Biden’s personal Stasi, this is it—they were there to ask the woman about the anti-Biden memes she posted on Facebook. Of course, she wasn’t going to answer any of their questions, only declaring that what she did was an exercise of her constitutional right to free speech on a social media platform. The agent gives a number for the FBI office in Oklahoma City before departing.

What is going on here? We’re seeing Gestapo-like tactics, the byproduct of the politicization of the DOJ that began when Obama picked Eric Holder to lead the department during his presidency. Should we be shocked? If Biden’s DOJ interfered in IRS investigations into his son and tried to cobble together a sweetheart plea agreement for Hunter’s tax and gun charges, no—this is par for the course. 

The bureau had over 100 agents working with Twitter and their ex-spook executives in creating a public influencing operation that censored news and posts of content they found disagreeable, almost always conservative in its politics. The Biden administration pressured Amazon to censor books that were reportedly anti-COVID vaccine. As for other issues, FBI agents have been visiting the homes of pro-life activists. If Trump wins the 2024 election, a clear-out of the entire DOJ must be on the to-do list.

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