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Governor Kathy Hochul May Have Been Invited But She Definitely Was Not Welcome at Slain Officer’s Funeral

Governor Kathy Hochul quickly realized she was not welcome at the funeral of the slain New York police officer. She received a round of applause … when she left.

To her credit, she recognized her presence was not comforting anyone and left quickly. That is about all she deserves credit for.

Correct. The only way this will stop is citizens voting.

This was one of those days.

Let’s not pretend she cares about or talks to the common person.

It’s glorious.

It took her all day to paint those on.

isn’t that something? Why does she need so much security if New York is so safe? That seems so odd. Also, how hypocritical for her to spend so much on security while at the same time denying New Yorkers a safe place to live! Hopefully, voters are paying attention.

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