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David Axelrod’s Take on Biden’s Fancy Fundraiser Doubles Down on Dreadful Dem Look on Slain Officer

The contrast between Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump on Thursday in New York City was sharp. Trump attended the wake for NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who was allegedly killed by a man with 21 arrests, and Trump spoke with Diller’s family. Meanwhile, Joe Biden attended a fancy fundraiser with a lot of celebrities, along with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton there to help him raise money. 

Not only was that a horrible look for Democratic priorities, but they also got anti-Israel protesters at the event. That ticked off Barack Obama, who got frustrated at them. 

“You can’t just talk and not listen,” Obama said to the protesters. “That’s what the other side does.”  

Indeed, it’s what the Democrats like Obama and Biden are doing here. They’re more concentrated on grabbing the cash than they are on Officer Diller. Fast forward a bit into the summer DNC convention in Chicago and you know it’s going to be a complete mess, perhaps shades of 1968. 


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Bill Kristol had a little bit of sense, realizing it was a very bad look to be ignoring the wake in the interest of pulling down the cash. 

“Unfortunate.” Yes, the rest of us would probably say despicable from Joe Biden.  

But Democratic operative David Axelrod doubled down on the bad move and encapsulated just what it is the Democrats care about. 

No, David, I assure you the “look” will mean more for a very long time because it tells us what you guys truly care about. And it isn’t us or what we care about. 

As many pointed out to Axelrod, “the look” is a dead police officer, and his take is disgusting. 

The young officer, his wife, and his child are far more important. But that’s to people who care about life and law and order, not money. And by the way, how did spending more money work out for Hillary Clinton in 2016? 

Doing the right thing is far more important. Because that’s supposed to be what you do as president of the country. 

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