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Fani Willis Throws a Tantrum in Response to Jim Jordan’s Threat of Contempt for Failure to Produce Docs

As we have reported, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing a variety of investigations/complaints. 

One of those investigations is from the House Judiciary Committee, which is looking into the question of her office’s use of federal funds in regard to a $488,000 grant. A whistleblower reportedly alleged misuse of the federal grant funds for “frivolous, unrelated expenses,” including allegedly using it for “Mac books…swag…travel.” Then, after the whistleblower talked to Willis about the issues, she was terminated. 

The House Judiciary Committee has been pursuing Willis for documents as well as any communications on the matter since last year. She didn’t comply with anything until she was finally served with a subpoena in February. While she turned over some documents, Jordan said she hadn’t turned over documents related to the allegations from the whistleblower, and he chastised her for attacking the whistleblower in her response letter. But that’s Willis, she just can’t help herself from talking too much. In his March 14 letter, Jordan also said that three weeks had gone by where she hadn’t provided anything and demanded that she turn over the documents/information they were looking for by March 28, or they would consider contempt proceedings. 

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Now Willis has responded, but it seems to be typical Willis — a lot of tantrum without a lot of substance. 

“I am in receipt of your letter dated March 14, 2024. I categorically reject the assertion that this office is deficient in responding to the Committee’s subpoena dated February 2, 2024,” the letter, obtained by Cohen said.
“As you note in your letter, we have already provided you with substantial information about our programs that are funded via federal grants. Further, as I expressed to you in my letter dated February 23, 2024, this office is in the process of producing relevant documents to you on a rolling basis and is undertaking a good faith approach to provide you with responsive information about our federal grant funding,” the letter added.

Notice she claims they’ve provided substantial information about programs funded by federal grants, but what she doesn’t say and what Jordan was questioning was where were the documents in relation to the subject in question? It isn’t “good faith” if she’s just throwing documents at him that aren’t related to the request. 

Willis also claimed that Jordan’s request was “unreasonable and uncustomary and would require this government office to divert resources from our primary purpose of prosecuting crime.”

Here’s her audition piece for MSNBC, as, once again, she screams “racism” and acts as though she’s being treated unfairly when she’s allegedly not complying because of a whistleblower complaint by one of her own former employees. 

“My family, my staff and I have been threatened repeatedly by people making violent, often racist, attacks. Neither those threats, nor anything your colleagues and you say or do, will deter us from fulfilling our duty to bring this case to trial,” the letter said.

Judge McAfee has already warned her about her prior public statements. I can’t imagine he’s going to be happy with that statement. Once again she throws that out there seemingly to deflect from her own issues in the matter that Jordan is pursuing. 

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  1. Clearly, Fani Willis is projecting on other’s what she truly is, racist, the go to word when you haven’t anything!!!! She appears to be nothing but, corrupt and a loud mouth.

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