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‘I’m That Jew’ Viral Video Creator Sounds Alarm About Islamic Terrorism—’Wake the Hell Up. It’s Coming.’

I’m not sure what to call Eitan Chitayat. That ubiquitous word “influencer?” Or perhaps “writer,” as he indicates in his Twitter bio? Or “branding expert,” since that appears to be his day job? Or perhaps we’ll just let him speak for himself; he says, “I’m that Jew.”

In fact, he’s gone viral with the phrase, and in 2015 produced a Facebook video with that motto that went viral and was viewed over 15 million times across various social media platforms. He’s a passionate advocate of Israel and wears his Jewish “badge with pride.”

His latest post doesn’t have millions of views (yet), but it’s a powerful monologue on Hamas, Sharia law, and the threat we face from Islamic extremism. “Wake the hell up,” he exhorts viewers. “It’s coming.”

By “it,” you can safely assume he means terrorism. He outlines how extremists are organized and determined and will not rest until they’ve murdered more heretics—not just Jews, but anyone who doesn’t buy into their twisted vision.

In the moving video, he remembers his friend, a freelance commercial producer named Bill Weems, killed on United Airlines Flight 175, which was “steered mercilessly into the World Trade Center by Al Qaeda on the morning of 9/11, 2001,” as Chitayat describes. “I’ll never forget him, and he’ll always be my friend.”  

Weems left behind a wife and daughter. 

In his almost six-minute post, Chitayat details how the terrorists are laughing at us right now for our naïveté and how so many among us fail to grasp their evil intent despite the fact that they broadcast it to us openly. 

I encourage you to watch the whole thing:

Don’t underestimate the threat, he warns:

The number of people being killed in the name of Islamic radicalism continues to grow everywhere. You can hear anti-Western speeches by radical Islamic leaders, antisemitic chants on the streets of Europe, or on campuses across the United States even. In these words, they move people to hate and they also target young children and teens—those who are most susceptible to lies.

It’s all well thought out, taught, and funded. 

They’re global. They’re organized.

If they win, he says, we’ll face “Hell on earth.”

“October 7th was our 9/11,” he continues.

But you, who watched all of that savagery and death from a distance, don’t you forget how it came home to you, to the Boston Marathon in 2013, to the London train and bus bombings in 2005. 

The Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015, the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue in 2018, the ongoing killings in Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen. To Iranians in Iran, in the form of state-sponsored terrorism and totalitarianism, to Syria and Iraq, where over 1,000,000 people have been killed in civil wars, and these murders are a direct result of Islamic radicals sending a message to anyone standing in their way on the road to an Islamic caliphate. 
One that will be worse than Hell on Earth.

He points out how our young are easily manipulated with selectively edited TikTok videos, young people who don’t have the attention span to understand true evil when it’s right in front of them. He issues a stark warning for those who would wish to bury their heads in the sand. Videos of dead people sell, he explains, but “the context of how and why it happened—doesn’t.”

Radical Islamic leaders love how ordinary citizens aren’t pressurizing their leaders to crush them into oblivion, as they brainwash entire communities in their neighborhoods. They’ve got ordinary citizens in the palm of their hand, not knowing that they’re being played. But you know who I’m sure doesn’t love any of this? 

Bill’s family. 
It’s 23 years now since Bill was murdered by Islamic jihadists, [by] Hamas, Hezbollah, other like-minded terror organizations. They’re still here, and their killing is far from over, and I hate to break it to you—but it’s coming to a place near you, sooner than you think.

And that’s not fearmongering. That’s just an inconvenient truth for you.

Kamala Harris’ word salads, Joe Biden’s mumblings, and concessions to Hamas and other terror groups won’t make this problem go away. Chitayat’s words may be scary, they may make us uncomfortable, but that doesn’t make them any less true. As we just saw in Moscow, a small band of committed zealots can create havoc and massacre hundreds of innocent people. They have no compunction about doing it and would love to do it again—here in the U.S., if possible. As Biden continues to let millions of unvetted illegal immigrants pass freely across our southern border, the threat only grows more dire. 

Understanding and compromise don’t work with terrorists. There’s only one way to mitigate the existential threat, and that’s to eliminate them—as Israel is trying to do, even as they’re continually kneecapped by the Biden administration

This video is simply one man talking to a camera—no CGI, no effects, no gruesome footage—yet it’s as powerful a call to action as I’ve seen.

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