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Gen. Michael Flynn on Being a Deep State Target: ‘In the Arc of History the Good Guys Win’

In the arc of history, “the good guys win,” Gen. Michael Flynn, national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, previewing his documentary film Flynn: Deliver the Truth. Whatever the Cost, which blows the lid off the power of the Deep State and their targeting of him.

One of the big themes in the film is a story of survival and hope and his personal experience of getting targeted by the Deep State.

“In order to get Trump they had to get Flynn, and we now have all this incredible levels of evidence that has been exposed principally through my case. So my case fighting back, doing the things we do despite all the crazy people out there that, you know, that name-call you, and other media outlets that still do that to this day. Everybody knows the truth. And what I know is, I know a little bit more of the truth, and what I’m going to do with this film,, is I’m going to expose some of that truth,” he said.

When asked if Americans can ultimately defeat the Deep State, Flynn said he addresses some of it in the film but added, “I think in the arc — you know, I’m a student of world and U.S. history, for those, for your audience — in the arc of history, the good guys win.”


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Breitbart · Gen. Michael Flynn (Retd.) – March 23, 2024

“But there are periods of time where there’s an awful lot of sacrifice. I mean, there’s empires that lasted — the Roman Empire, 1,000 years, the Ottoman empire 1,200 to 1,400 years, right? The U.S. Empire, which is right now around 250 years, you know, can we continue to last is really what your question is, can we win and continue down this path called the Constitutional Republic? And I do think that the American people have risen to the task, and they have risen to the task in the past; they will rise to the task again,” he said, emphasizing that it is crucial that Americans “overwhelm” the election this November to make this point.

“We can’t just, you know, bet on my neighbor voting. … Everybody’s life is intertwined with politics in this country,” he said, “and this is why the timing of this film is so critical.”

“I want people to watch this and see it because it’s the message that matters to me, conveying this message of hope, conveying this message of danger. Conveying this message of resilience and determination and fighting — fighting like … all get out, right? I’m an Irish Catholic. My family’s tough. We’re a tough Irish clan. And that’s a big part of what comes out of this movie, how we stand together,” he said, adding, “How my family stood together is how our country can stand together.”

The next few months, Flynn continued, are very critical as they are going to try to “destroy Donald Trump.”

“They have already put the fear of God into this country by going after all these people that went to a peaceful, generally peaceful rally on January 6,” he said, noting that this is one of their strategies.

Rally in support of President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (Jose Luis Magana/AP)

“We have to be fearless. And we have to remind ourselves the sacrifices that so many gave prior to this timeframe that we live in. And I do address that in the film. … That’s the first half of the movie is sacrifice, commitment, why we are the way we are, why we are a great nation. And why do people rise to the occasion?” he said.

“The American people will always rise to the occasion, and that’s one of the big themes that comes out of this film,” he added.

The film is available for preorder here, and tour dates are included.

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