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Biden Slurs, Panders, and Tells Tall Tales to Latinos – Then Wanders Off in Arizona

Joe Biden went to Arizona on Tuesday to kick off “Latinos con Biden” – an effort to reach out to Latinos and keep them from fleeing to the Republicans, who are offering them and everyone else far better policies. 

Outreach efforts in the past haven’t gone particularly well, with Jill Biden talking about “breakfast tacos” and the “bogedas [bodegas] of the Bronx” at a “LatinX” lunch, as well as Joe playing and swaying to “Despacito.” 

Biden kicked off the outreach at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix. He claimed that he’d gotten his start in politics because of Ceasar Chavez. He was with Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Chavez’s granddaughter and Biden’s campaign manager.

Except as the RNC noted, he’s said that before. It seems how he got involved in politics depends on what audience he’s speaking to. 

All politicians tend to pander, but Biden hits new heights when it comes to being all things to all people. 

Biden even claimed, “I get criticism some places for having such a strong interest in Latino voters and Latino Americans.”

Yeah, no. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that, Joe. Maybe what you’re hearing is the mockery for things like “Despacito” and tacos that indicate you and your wife think in stereotypes and don’t really understand people. 

Biden did understand that he needed to paint a better economic picture. Except he did that by telling falsehoods about his record. 

That’s why people including Hispanic voters are running away from him, because what he says about the economy is unhinged from the reality where people are suffering under Bidenflation and trying to make ends meet. 

It also didn’t help when Biden was slurring and having difficulty reading off the teleprompter and saying odd things like the election wasn’t a “referendum on me.” 

“It’s an election between me and a guy named Trump,” he declared. 

Yes, it is an election between him and Trump, but it is also a referendum on him and how bad he has been. It sounds like he’s trying to spin it already that if he loses, it isn’t about him. But it is. It’s also about Trump being better than him on virtually every policy. People know it, they can remember back a few years. They know they had money in their pockets that they now don’t have under Biden. 

I don’t even know where to begin with “Look, forks.” 

It’s also about whether Biden is even competent for the position. As Chavez-Rodriguez was in the middle of talking from the podium with Biden next to her, he suddenly just wandered off, as she was speaking. 

Is it hard to see why Latinos are fleeing the Democrats, with some running to Trump? 

Not really. 

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