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Joe and Jill Gaffe at WH Event, She Tries to Direct Joe Off Stage but It Goes South

Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Kamala Harris delivered remarks at a Women’s History Month event at the White House on Monday. 

Turns out that not only did Joe have difficulties, but his issues must have been catching because Jill did as well. 

Like how she described Joe as pretty funny, saying that what he does best is take action “quickly.” 

If there’s anything that Joe Biden doesn’t do, it’s act quickly, it’s why so many issues are a mess, including the border. He refused to believe there were problems there until he was forced into it by election polling. But he’s still not doing anything to resolve the issues. Instead, he’s just trying to blame the GOP for the disaster, saying he can’t do anything until they pass a bill. 

Then Jill spoke about Alzheimer’s and endometriosis. But “Dr. Jill” couldn’t pronounce endometriosis. Watch Kamala’s face as she tries to hold it together and mouths how to say the word.

That’s a bit like “Breakfast Tacos 2.0” — how does she not know that word? If you’re talking about addressing women’s health, that might be something you want to get right so you don’t sound ignorant. 

Then it was Joe’s time to gaffe about America and how we are divided, divined, defined…what the heck was that word? 

Biden tried to explain how, even though he’s spending like a drunken sailor, he’s cutting the deficit (he isn’t). 

He also repeated the long-debunked story about going 17,000 miles with Xi Jinping and said it was the “God’s honest truth” that he told Xi about the word that describes America – “possibilities.” I’m not sure that Joe Biden has any idea what the truth is anymore when he keeps repeating such false stories. 

The confused moment at the end was perhaps the worst for Joe. He was talking on stage with a woman when Jill rushed over, forcibly turned him away from her, and seemed to point for him to go in the other direction. Then she took off. 

But Joe goes in the opposite direction toward the woman anyway, as Kamala’s husband, Doug Emhoff, trails after him. I’m curious as to why Jill was so anxious to direct him away from that woman/toward the other direction.

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung described Biden as a “short-circuited Roomba.” “Not even with help does he know what’s going on or where he is. He’s completely broken,” he said. 

Unfortunately, that’s the truth, and it’s a danger to us all. 

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  1. The liberal media must be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see or hear how biden is suffering from dementia. Granted biden never has been a good speaker but anyone who actually listens to what he says or does can see he’s not mentally competent he gets lost on a stage not knowing where he is supposed to go or where he has to stand. He can’t read a teleprompter, he screams, talks nonsense in a low voice and tells lie after lie everyone of his speeches has something he said debunked. A lot of them are for the same thing.

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