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More Trouble for Fani Willis as Another Hammer Is Set to Drop From the House Judiciary Committee

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may be able to stay on the Georgia case against former President Donald Trump after a decision by Judge Scott McAfee on a disqualification motion against her. But in the meantime, she seriously compromised herself and the case, given all that was revealed during the disqualification hearing. 

Willis is also now facing multiple investigations/inquiries including from the state bar of Georgia, the Georgia Senate and the House Judiciary Committee looking into the misuse of federal funds by Willis’ office. 

The House Judiciary Committee is looking into whistleblower allegations from a former Willis employee who said that she was fired because she was trying to stop a top Willis aide from misusing a $488,000 federal youth grant. Timpsom said the money was being used inappropriately from things like “swag” and travel. Timpson told Willis and then she said she was canned. 

Committee Chair Jim Jordan demanded documents from Willis in a Feb. 2 subpoena pertaining to the misuse of the federal grant. But according to a letter from Jordan this week, Willis only provided a “narrow set of documents” that didn’t include any of the relevant information related to the Timpson allegations. 

Jordan also scolded Willis for attacking the whistleblower in her response to the Committee.

“We will not dignify your attacks on this brave whistleblower, or your continued attempts to distract from your conduct through misdirection and personal insults,” Jordan said. “The allegations in the public realm about your misuse of federal grant funding are concerning, and the Committee has an obligation to examine them.”

Then Jordan said they would consider contempt proceedings if Willis didn’t comply with the document request by March 28. 

So now they have to follow through with the contempt charge and hold her feet to the fire on this. 

One has to ask why is Willis not complying with the request? What is it that she doesn’t want to turn over and/or what is it that she’s trying to hide? If what the whistleblower is saying is true, that could open up a whole new can of worms and possible dirty dealing tied to Willis. 

We see people like Republican Peter Navarro being pursued for contempt of Congress by the DOJ and now he’s trying to appeal. Again what we see is a two-tiered system where the Democrats seem to get a continual pass. 

It’s long past time to start holding Democrats including Willis accountable, if she fails to comply with the subpoena.  

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