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President Biden Is Set to Give a $10 Billion Gift to Iran

President Joe Biden is teetering on the precipice of doing another lucrative favor for the authoritarian terrorist supporting the government of Iran. The White House is reportedly set to renew a sanctions waiver, a decision that would unlock up to $10 billion in frozen assets for the regime.

This financial boon is supposedly earmarked for humanitarian purposes. However, given Iran’s history, the money is more likely to go towards funding endeavors that are far from humanitarian.

The Biden administration is poised to issue a fresh sanctions waiver for Iran that will grant the country access to upward of $10 billion in frozen assets, providing Tehran with “a financial lifeline” as it foments terrorism across the Middle East, according to a group of GOP lawmakers.
In November, shortly after Hamas’s attack on Israel, the State Department signed off on a sanctions waiver that permits Iraq to transfer multibillion-dollar electricity payments to Iran. The waiver, which grants Tehran access to around $10 billion in frozen funds, is set to expire this month unless the Biden administration renews it.

The waiver would allow Iraq to transfer electricity payments to the Iranian regime. It would be a great benefit for Tehran, granting it substantial resources. House Republicans wrote a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in which they argued against the move, arguing that “By waiving the application of sanctions, the Administration is maintaining a financial lifeline for the Iranian regime, even as it continues to support terrorist organizations around the world.”

Iran’s track record when it comes to funding terrorism is long and documented and should be seen as a precursor of future activity if the Biden administration grants the waiver. “Iran has a history of lying about humanitarian transactions,” the letter reads. “There is no reason to think that they will not try to skirt these restrictions again.”

Waiving these sanctions would not only undermine global efforts to combat terrorist groups but could also place American soldiers serving abroad in danger.

Richard Goldberg, who previously worked with the White House National Security Council on the Iran portfolio, said the Biden administration’s decision to waive other sanctions “subsidized October 7” and the “murder of three American soldiers in Jordan.”

This is a horrible idea, which likely means the Biden administration will go through with it.

At a time when concerns about terrorism have spiked due to the conflict in Gaza, giving Iran’s government even more money would make the situation even more dire. Indeed, the regime has already aided terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in attacking Israel.

Shortly after the current war broke out in Hamas, it was revealed that Iran had helped to plan the terrorist group’s October 7 attack on Israel, in which they brutally murdered 1,200 Israeli soldiers and civilians while taking hundreds of hostages. This is far from supporting “humanitarian” causes.

The fact that the president is even considering such a move indicates he has not learned his lesson. Either that, or he doesn’t care if the billions of dollars he wishes to send to the Iranian regime go to fund more vicious murders by radical terrorists in the region.

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