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Biden’s Cringey Remarks About Black Americans, How He Gets ‘Juiced Up’

I wrote a bit over the weekend about the interview that Joe Biden did with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart. If the idea of the interview was to make him look good, I think it rather failed. 

Among the problems in the interview was his disgusting “apology” for calling the accused murderer of Laken Riley “illegal.” He also snapped at Capehart when he asked about the left thinking Biden was helping a genocide, saying to Capehart, “You guys make judgments you’re not capable of making.” 

I may think that the leftists are delusional on that but it is a “widely shared sentiment” among thousands of leftists. Biden just freaks on Capehart and claims he’s not capable of making judgments? Was that a racist remark or just Joe attacking media again? Biden can’t take being challenged. 

He also went after the Supreme Court, claiming they were insulting women by overturning Roe.

While Biden said that there was no “red line” for supporting Israel, he tried to hem them in saying he did have a “red line” against Israel going into Rafah. But Israel has to go into Rafah to be able to fully wipe out Hamas, so Biden was being a snake. Biden also blanked out and said crazy things like we went into Ukraine to get Osama bin Laden, and revealed just how bad he was at foreign policy. 


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As we also reported, that didn’t go over well with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who crushed Biden’s narrative amid reports that the White House was trying to oust him. Netanyahu also made clear that he had a “red line” of his own — that was taking Hamas out and that he was not going to be deterred from that. 

But Biden wasn’t quite done with the questionable remarks yet. He also made some revealing comments about his thinking in regard to black Americans. Capehart asked him about his pledge that he would have their back.

“I have your back…as much as any president has in American history since Lyndon Johnson!” Biden asserted. 

Wow. Has he checked the history of Lyndon Johnson a well-known racist and prolific user of the “n” word, with all its variants?  That’s who he’s comparing himself to? Now I could believe it given some of Biden’s racist remarks in the past and how he talks fondly of his segregationist friends. 

Why Lyndon Johnson? Does he think black people need handouts from the government? That’s certainly how he seemed to be phrasing it in his next comments. He claimed black wealth had increased 60 percent under him. I don’t believe him. 

Biden claimed he’s spoken to black leaders/business people who told him they had “loans, they had direct payments by the government to keep them going.” 

“There’s not a single thing they can’t do, given a shot,” Biden said. 

Yikes, the condescension there. But that’s what Joe Biden appears to think about black people. 

Plus, everyone, including black Americans, have had it rougher with Joe Biden’s inflation. 

Then did he forget about his former boss, Barack Obama? Is he saying Obama didn’t have the back of black people? That’s sort of an interesting take. 

We also can’t leave out this clip where Joe Biden tells Capehart that he gets “juiced up” every time he hears former President Donald Trump speak. 

Do tell, what kind of “juice” is that, Joe? And were you “juiced up” on at the Stare of the Union address? 

Now we have a new nickname — “Juiced Up Joe.” 

An interesting choice of words there. It’s going to be fascinating once he’s out of the White House and people start gabbing about all the things that were done to keep Joe going and/or cover his infirmities.  

If he gets juiced up when he hears Trump, is he a Trump supporter? 

Yet, despite the former president getting him “juiced up,” Biden still wouldn’t agree to a debate with Trump. I seriously doubt he ever will, he will use the excuse that he doesn’t want to “normalize” Trump by debating with him. That’s Biden’s only out. 

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  1. Joe Biden is such an unlikable piece of excrement. Probably the most unlikable President since Lyndon Baines Johnson….another real piece of excrement.

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