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Biden Confusion: Blanks Out, Says Went Into Ukraine to Get Bin Laden, Explains ‘Come to Jesus’ Mic Moment

We’ve been covering a lot of Joe Biden because of his interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart and his comments at a virtual campaign event. 

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share and talk some more about what’s in that interview. Unfortunately, there were a ton of things. Despite the fact that it was a Biden-friendly network, he still had so much trouble and said so many bizarre things. 

First, let’s deal with Biden’s explanation for that “hot mic” moment when he said that he had to have a “come to Jesus” moment with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. His excuse for using the term to refer to the leader of the Jewish state is ridiculously funny, so if you need a laugh, here you go. 

“It’s an expression used in the southern part of my state,” Joe insists. Does he really think it comes from Delaware? “The southern part of my state?” Delaware has a “southern part” with distinct lingo? I’m not sure it’s even big enough. Does he even listen to himself and how he sounds? And why the heck is he pressuring Netanyahu when this is the moment he should be right there with him, supporting his efforts to wipe out Hamas? 

Some speculate the hot mic was a set-up to make him look tough on Israel for the sake of the leftist base, and again, that’s completely believable, given what a craven person Biden appears to be. 

Capehart asked if he would go back to Israel and address the Israeli Knesset. Biden answered, “Yes,” then appeared to blank out and gave a long pause. 

Capehart tries to help and lead the witness with the subsequent questions. 

Biden looks clueless and then says, “I’d rather not discuss it more.” 

When Capehart asked what that meant, Biden said, “It doesn’t mean anything.” 

Yikes, this is the alleged leader of the free world: 

Then there was this claim about the pursuit of Osama bin Laden. 

What a mad, jumbled mess this answer was, as he claimed, “America made a mistake” in how it went after bin Laden.

“America made a mistake. We went after bin Laden ’til we got him, but we shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine. I mean, excuse me, we shouldn’t have gone into the whole thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. It wasn’t necessary. It just caused more problems than it raised…than it cured.”

Seriously? He just said they went into Ukraine to get bin Laden. In addition to the Ukraine part (why did that slip in there?), no, we didn’t go into Iraq because of bin Laden, that was Saddam Hussein and the WMDs. But he continues to be wrong on everything for the last fifty years. 

Oh, and he was against the bin Laden raid, let’s not forget that. He seems even more risk-averse than Barack Obama and Obama let second-guessing completely hamstring him. This is a very bad window into the thinking — what there is of it — of Joe Biden. 

Of course, it also wasn’t quite true. But that’s Joe being Joe. 

Things to remember: all the bad decisions on top of the incoherence. 

How can anyone vote for this person who displays such constant confusion? 

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