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Bill Maher Accidentally Exposes the TDS/Dem Mind Virus Infecting Robert De Niro

The left is constantly calling Trump supporters a “cult” which is fascinating given how dark and disturbed the leftist Trump Derangement Syndrome cult is against former President Donald Trump. He’s am “evil orange Hitler” whom they are constantly obsessed with. It’s a sickness that brooks no reality. 

If there’s anyone who is in the grip of this illness, it’s actor Robert De Niro. But if you look at what he said on “Real Time” with Bill Maher on Friday night, it’s sort of a fascinating look into that kind of cult thought. 

Maher asked him about the polls that have Trump up winning over Biden and that is driving many on the left crazy. Why does he think that is, Maher asks, that so many people including women and Latinos are going for Trump? 

“Why is Trump winning?” Maher asked talking about the latest NY Times poll. “Trump was beating him rather soundly. It was quite a warning light. 48 to 43. Also winning way more among women. Winning outright Latinos. What do you attribute that to?”

“I don’t know,” De Niro whined. “I just don’t want to feel the way I did after the election in 19, 2016. Uh, where we couldn’t believe that it happened.”

There it is in a nutshell: me, me, me, feel, feel, feel.

It isn’t about reality, it’s just about how the talking points from the media make him feel and that’s bad. That’s how out of touch some of these folks in the bubble of leftist celebrity are.

Now if you really wanted to know you might talk to the people and find out why: peace, no new wars, secure borders, and great economic policies that benefitted the people. It’s a simple recipe for success. 

Trump has become even more popular in comparison with Biden and the chaos that Biden has brought because people remember how much better they had it under Trump. But these folks like De Niro — who talks about nightmare vs. normalcy — have no idea how bad it is under Biden for most of the American people. 

De Niro said there was nothing redeemable in Trump. He talks about the “intelligent” people who want Trump, but he says “it cannot be.” Again, maybe wonder why intelligent people think this way. But no, not De Niro, whose beliefe boils down to “we can’t have what I don’t want or understand because it will make me feel bad.” He’ll have to curse people out and threaten to punch Trump again. But listen as he thinks Trump, if he wins, will get Maher and “come looking for me.” The mania is something else. 

“There’ll be things that happen that none of us can imagine,” De Niro insists. 

Like prosperity, a secure border, and peace? Bring it on! We had it before, we can have it again. 

“That’s what happens in that kind of a dictatorship,” De Niro said, then showing he’d absorbed that leftist talking point, and Maher said Trump was “never going to concede power.” 

Frankly, it’s sort of hilarious that De Niro thinks Trump will come for him. I don’t even know that Trump gives one darn about him. What dictatorship? Trump was already President. Unlike the Biden administration/other Democrats, Trump didn’t prosecute his political opponents. He didn’t try to kick them off the ballot. And he never went after De Niro. The Democrats are always projecting what they in fact are themselves doing. 

Trump also did “concede power.” So what are they even talking about? That’s TDS, not having any basis in reality. De Niro has lived in a world full of make-believe for so long, he doesn’t seem to know the difference. 

One finally TDS/Democratic mind virus bonus. Watch De Niro do the “it’s different when we do it” move when it comes to questions about Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul deploying the National Guard to the subways to search people’s bags before they get on to allegedly reduce crime. Maher obviously has concerns about the infringement of freedoms, as he should. But De Niro has no idea because it doesn’t concern Trump, and he’s not upset with Hochul But if Trump did it, that would be different, “it would be for another reason.” 

As Eric Abbenante notes, that’s the liberal brain encapsulated in one simple clip, essentially, “It’s different when we do it.” 

The problem isn’t the policing in New York, the problem is the progressive government, bail reform, and the leftist district attorneys who keep letting the criminals out and not holding them accountable. This doesn’t address any of that. So all this will do is put the National Guard in danger and inconvenience all the people not breaking the law. Typical liberal thought — let’s take away people’s freedoms first. 

That’s the mind virus that many have jumped down and I don’t know that they can be rescued with reality.


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