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HOT TAKES: House Speaker Mike Johnson Is the Star of the SOTU Address As His Facial Reactions Go Viral

As we’ve been reporting, President Joe Biden delivered a vitriolic State of the Union speech Thursday night where he attacked his opponents, took no responsibility for any of the many problems occurring under his regime—like the border crisis—or made any attempts to foster unity or reach out in a bipartisan manner.


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RedState liveblogged the address, and although we were mostly disgusted by the speech, we did manage to have a little fun watching House Speaker Mike Johnson’s facial reactions to the president’s bile. Unlike classless former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who ripped up then-President Donald Trump’s speech in 2020, Johnson didn’t disrupt the proceedings or do anything outlandish, but his subtle eye rolls and head shakes were hard to miss.

The internet noticed:

I love this dubious look from the House Speaker as Biden prattled on:

Although Johnson’s reactions were cause for some amusement to Republican viewers, the speech itself was anything but funny as Biden continued on his quest to change America into something unrecognizable. Johnson noted afterward that Biden took no accountability for the border crisis he purposely created:

Also not funny: Johnson had to sit through some truly awful rhetoric, and he couldn’t hide his disdain:

One commenter was reminded of actor Robert Downey Jr.:

Liberals of course are mocking and criticizing the Louisiana congressman for his subtle reactions, but let’s be real—it was nothing compared to Pelosi’s repellant shenanigans. We should actually applaud him for keeping it together through the noxious speech—I myself was extremely close to smashing my television with a hammer.

It’s got to be tough sitting behind a senile president, knowing the camera is on you the entire time, and listening to him scream at the audience and belittle and threaten the Supreme Court of the United States. If a few eye-rolls are his only pushback, then I think we should be impressed by his restraint.


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  1. Johnson is a TrumpTURD, complicit with crooked trump in a attempts to overturn an American election….

    • As opposed to Pelosi he is a Saint. I was hoping Johnson would throw the binder Biden handed him earlier and hit him in the back of the head or slam it on the podium as Biden walk away after his speech. Once again Biden exhibited his anger and disdain for the American people, but then again what should we expect from a bureaucrat who has made a living for 50 years off the American people by lying to them.

  2. Are you jealous that Johnson and Trump are right? Your president is not present and not of mind as his mind is deteriorating as I say this. Although we all know who the mind and body that is running Biden!!

  3. Either Hunter gave “the Big Guy” some of his stash, or a double filled in. Whatever it was, it was full of hate, and hate rots the mind.

  4. However, if I am mistaken correct me, why did he nod in agreement when Biden was promoting continued Ukraine support.

  5. Would someone please remind the nation that Biden’s close friend Senator Robert Byrd was both a former membership in the Ku Klux Klan and he voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Also, in 2001 Sen. Byrd uttered the “n” word – twice – on Fox News Sunday during an interview with Chris Wallace. So much for Biden’s buddies. There is an old saying that you can judge a man by the company he keeps.

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