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New Witness Reveals Terrence Bradley Contradictions and Bombshell Call He Got From Fani Willis

We heard the closing arguments in the Fani Willis/Nathan Wade disqualification matter in Fulton County on Friday. But it seems to be the matter that doesn’t want to end, and there is continuing drama. Since the closing arguments wrapped, we’ve now had two instances of alleged new evidence crop up. 

As we reported, there was a waiter who identified himself to one of the defense attorneys, Ashleigh Merchant. The waiter alleged that he saw Terrence Bradley meeting with Nathan Wade and Wade’s attorney about five weeks ago. He said he called Merchant after he heard Bradley testify that he hadn’t spoken to Wade in about two years. 

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Now, there’s more. According to a new filing from the attorneys for defendant David Shafer, there’s a new witness, Co-Chief Deputy District Attorney for Cobb County Cindi Lee Yeager. 

The filing says Yeager had multiple conversations with Bradley about the relationship between Willis and Wade between August 2023 and January 2024. Yeager indicated that Bradley said he had personal knowledge of the relationship and included details regarding the use of Robin Yeartie’s apartment and other meetings prior to November 2021 and that “Mr. Wade had definitively begun a romantic relationship with Ms. Willis during the time that Ms. Willis was running for District Attorney in 2019 through 2020.”

But on top of that, Yeager says that she overheard a call from Willis to Terrence Bradley in September 2023. Willis was calling about an article that was published about how much money Wade and his partners were paid in the case. 

“Ms. Yeager heard District Attorney #FaniWillis tell Mr. Bradley: “They are coming after us. You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us.”

Yeager said she came forward because what Bradley testified to was so different than what he told her — that it was “directly contrary.” 

Judge Scott McAfee said after the closing arguments that he was going to make a decision in about two weeks. It remains to be seen if he would need to hear any of this information or allow it into evidence. He may already have enough to make his decision. But add just a few more nails into the story with regard to Willis and Wade with this. None of this information sounds like Bradley was “speculating” when he was talking about the romantic relationship, as he claimed in court. If Willis and Wade weren’t already cooked with what has been presented so far, this would certainly add to it. 

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