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Latest Biden Remarks on Border Show Just How Deceitful He Can Be, Elon and the Internet Let Him Have It

We’ve heard a lot of things from Joe Biden recently. But his latest remarks are not only the height of weakness, but they show just how deceitful he can be on the border. 

I wrote on Friday about how Biden incredibly claimed he did not interact with his son Hunter’s or his brother Jim’s partners. That, despite the fact that there’s all kinds of evidence that he did so, including Hunter admitting it during his deposition before House committees this week. 

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But that wasn’t the only incredible thing that Biden has said. As he was heading out for the weekend for another vacation, this time to Camp David. Biden also commented on the border. 

A reporter asked him, “Why are you waiting to take executive action on the border?”

“Because we need more forces on the border, I don’t have the authority to do that,” the alleged leader of the free world responded. 

Um, Joe? You’re the purported head of the executive branch. You’re the one responsible for defending the border, even though you have failed to do so. Not only that, but you actively broke the border with the 94 executive actions you took when you came in. 

Moreover, if you wanted more forces to help out, you wouldn’t be suing Texas to try to stop them from defending the border. You would be thanking them and welcoming their help. 

So as a result, more than eight million illegal aliens have come in under Joe Biden, and you have things like the horrible murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. 

What a statement that is from Biden, about why people should not elect him: He’s saying he doesn’t have any power and he can’t do the job that he’s constitutionally required to do. 

How can anyone honestly vote for someone whose excuse for inaction is weakness, and who is being deceitful about his power? This guy denies that he has the basic power of his office, yet then he’ll turn around and claim he has the power to unilaterally cancel student debt. 

If he’s confessing he doesn’t think he has the authority to do the job, then maybe he should just resign now. 

Many just ripped into Biden for his remarks, including X owner Elon Musk, who has been very vocal in his criticism of Biden’s horrible actions/inaction at the border. 

Actor Kevin Sorbo didn’t hold back. 

No one is buying Biden’s propaganda. 

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