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First Ship Sinks in Red Sea As a Result of Houthi Strikes, Fuel, Fertilizer Create Ecological Nightmare

The first ship to sink as a result of Houthi rebel strikes is the Belize-flagged Rubymar, which descended into the depths of the Red Sea, officials announced Saturday. 

The Houthi attacks have had international implications as major companies have started avoiding the crucial shipping lanes and opting for safer – but longer and more expensive – routes. 

Via the Associated Press:

The Rubymar will now rest beneath the waves:

The Houthis have been ramping up their rhetoric and their attacks since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war:


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The Houthis are an Iranian-backed militant group that is incensed over Israel’s retribution against Hamas in Gaza. They’d also love to rule Yemen:

The damaged ship had been foundering for almost two weeks:

The vessel was hauling fertilizer, which in addition to leaking fuel, could cause serious ecological damage to the sea.

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