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Here Are More of Those Texts That Made Terrence Bradley Say ‘Oh, Dang,’ and More Bad News for Fani Willis

Terrence Bradley was finally forced to testify about when a romantic relationship started between Fulton County (Georgia) District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she appointed for the Trump election case. The relationship and when it started is a key point in an effort to disqualify Willis and Wade from the case.

As we noted, Bradley hemmed and hawed over what he had previously told Michael Roman’s defense attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, about when the relationship started. But there’s video that shows his reaction that you have to see because what he says is just priceless, as he’s confronted with his texts by one of the defense attorneys. 

I have to admit to playing this a few times to hear him say, “Oh, dang!” under his breath, realizing that he was being nailed with his texts. Bradley’s response to Merchant texting him about the relationship starting before the hiring date was, “Absolutely.”  That was priceless fun, when he realized he was up a creek without a paddle. This was after he had denied, multiple times, knowing when the relationship started. 

That was followed by Bradley texting, “It started when she left the DA’s office and was a judge in South Fulton. They met at the municipal court CLE conference.”

As our sister site Townhall explained, columnist Phil Holloway spoke about the texts on Megyn Kelly’s podcast. 

Indeed Bradley had been talking extensively with Merchant about the case, and giving her all kinds of information to help her in the matter, exchanging over 413 texts. 

Bradley even provided Merchant with the names of several sources he thought would be able to testify to when the relationship started. He told her to “Subpoena them all” in a text, including prosecutors in the DA’s office, members of Willis’s security detail, and other people close to her.

Bradley even provided the name of the person who testified that the relationship began before Wade was hired, Robin Yearttie. You can read more of the texts on X here.

But during his testimony, he claimed he was “speculating” and didn’t know, despite the extensive conversations on the matter with Merchant. 

That’s when Trump attorney Steve Sadow just leveled him, given all he had discussed with Merchant.

“I do not have knowledge of when it started,” Bradley testified despite saying he did over text.
“Why would you ‘speculate’ when she was asking you a direct question about when the relationship started?” Trump’s defense lawyer Steve Sadow shot back. “I have no answer for that,” a despondent Bradley responded. “Except for the fact that you do, in fact, know when it started and you don’t want to testify to that in court. That’s the best explanation, isn’t it?” Sadow questioned.

I hope it was worth it for Bradley, because he just shot himself in the foot over the effort not to give up Willis and Wade.

But he couldn’t escape his own texts. 

Moreover, as Holloway told Kelly, there’s more trouble coming for Fani Willis. 

“The Georgia state Senate has an investigation going on into the Fulton [County] district attorney’s office,” Holloway told Kelly.
“The committee that’s looking into this — today, they’ve issued a subpoena; they’ve issued a subpoena to attorney Ashleigh Merchant for all of her text communications related to this case. This is getting the attention of the authorities not only in the state Senate, but there are also ethics things going on here in Georgia. Fani Willis has a lot that she is going to have to be on the defense for in the foreseeable future, but suffice it to say the Senate is now seeking all these text communications to see if they can figure out what’s going on…” Holloway stated, declaring: “The truth will come out one way or another, and here it comes.”
Townhall independently confirmed that the Georgia state Senate has issued a subpoena for all relevant documents in Merchant’s possession.

So, whatever happens in the case, and it’s not looking good for Willis and Wade, the Georgia state Senate may have a reckoning coming for Willis, too. 


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