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Biden Gets Confused About Jill, Admits Border Broken, ‘Temporary Workers’ Comment Has Everyone Talking

Joe Biden gave remarks to the nation’s governors at the White House. The governors were in D.C. for the National Governors Association Winter Meeting from Thursday to Saturday. 

He started off by saying, “If I were smart, I’d leave right now.” 

Biden apparently thinks that’s funny. But he didn’t leave right then, so that told us everything we needed to know about that question. I am guessing, however, that he will have left by this time next year. 

He probably should have departed because when he kept talking, he got into trouble. 

First, he was confused as to whether or not his wife Jill had already spoken. He had to ask the audience. 

“I know you just heard— did Jill already speak? My wife? Well what the hell am I doing here?”

You can hear only a couple of laughs. It appeared people weren’t sure how to take it. And “What the hell he’s doing there” has been a big question for all of us. Whatever it is, it’s not been good. 

Biden showed his true priorities: Ukraine. He railed against Republicans for going on “vacation” (they’re on recess), which was incredibly ironic since he’s on vacation almost 40 percent of the time. 

While he was furious about Ukraine, he rambled on in confusion about our own border, essentially admitting what a mess it was under him and that illegal aliens are let in but their “asylum” claims won’t be heard for seven years.

Yet, he fails to acknowledge how his actions have broken the border. Now everyone claims asylum whether they qualify or not, and that’s why it’s a seven-year wait for a hearing because they know their claims will help them get in under Biden. Then you know if they even show up seven years later, officials will then say well, given all the time they’ve been here, we can’t just kick them out. So it’s a ridiculous process. He wants more asylum judges to speed more people being let in — that’s not securing the border. 

But this was perhaps his most outrageous comment. Did he just pimp for jobs for illegal aliens? He had just spent several minutes, arguing to pass the horrible border bill to address illegal immigration. He also claimed the bipartisan bill improved legal immigration options; how exactly it would do that he didn’t mention. 

“Speak to your agricultural communities and ask them if they need temporary workers!” Biden said. 

Isn’t that so Biden, to see people as farm workers, serving the powers that be? That had people calling the comment racist as well as ripping him for seemingly encouraging such hiring. 

Remember Nannygate? When Bill Clinton nominated Zoë Baird for Attorney General she had to withdraw because she hired two illegal aliens? 

Here’s what Wikipedia says is the interesting pertinent part:

Some in the Clinton inner circle persisted in believing that Baird’s offense was akin to a traffic ticket in seriousness, but Democratic senators told them otherwise; Senate Judiciary Committee chair Joe Biden of Delaware likened it more to a “freeway crash.”[19]
Baird met with Biden twice, both times leaving his office in tears, although Biden publicly stated that he did not think the matter would prevent her nomination

Now is that the same Joe Biden promoting the hiring of illegal aliens from the podium of the White House? How far we have come, and not in a good direction. We already have visas for people to come in legally to do temporary seasonal agricultural work, so this is a bad excuse. 

Then at the end of his remarks, senior advisor Tom Perez whispered something to him and Biden said, “Wait until the press leaves.” So they were discussing something they didn’t want the press to know about; I’m sure we’d all love to know what that was about.

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  1. The white house and democrats aren’t fooling anyone with China Joes so called successes nor his dementia. Everyone except a few die hard fools know Obidens time in office has been one scandal and crisis after another. People who can think, see and hear for themselves knows biden and Harris are the worst president, vice President and actually the rest of the administration this country has had. There’s more corruption in the democrat party than even the mafia can fathom.

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