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Pelosi Posts Vile False Tweet About Teenager’s Death, Blames GOP, Gets Schooled With Facts

There are some Democrats who will do anything and say anything to further their own control, no matter who it might hurt.  

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is one such Democrat. She seems to play this game that everything she does is “for the children” and smirking as she says it, as if she’s laughing about what she has the nerve to say. 

But her comment concerning the death of a teenager in Oklahoma and attempt to blame it on Republicans is just incredibly vile. 

16 year old Nex Benedict who identified as “nonbinary” was involved in a physical altercation in a bathroom at school. Benedict was then sent to the hospital and sent home. The next day Benedict had a “medical emergency,” was taken to the hospital but died. The family said Benedict had bruising on the face from the fight and was being bullied. Police have not yet commented on the cause of the altercation. 

But the preliminary finding by the medical examiner indicated that the teenager did not die from trauma. 

“At this time, any further comments on the cause of death are currently pending until toxicology results and other ancillary testing results are received,” police said. “The official autopsy report will be available at a later date.” 

As my colleague Joe Cunningham noted, it’s always good to wait for the facts. 

But Pelosi didn’t wait, she was too busy on trying to use the teen’s death to attack Republicans. She did this even though the news broke shortly before she posted this tweet on Wednesday that the death wasn’t due to trauma, and even though the very article she cited said it wasn’t known if the death was related to the incident at school. 

Nex Benedict’s death from a brutal assault in their high school bathroom is outrageous and heartbreaking.

The anti-trans fervor fueled by extreme Republicans across the country is having deadly consequences for our children.

We must stand up against anti-trans hate

Pelosi was schooled by many as to the facts of the matter, but she still hasn’t removed the false tweet. Because of course. 

You are lying. The medical examiner said the opposite. https://t.co/KSn7k3ZZql— Mythinformed (@MythinformedMKE) February 21, 2024

Then on top of that, Pelosi falsely uses the death of the teen to attack Republicans. How low can you go when you do something like that? 

No, Nancy, caring that kids not be put through radical life altering changes to their bodies before they are even adults is not “anti-trans” fervor, it’s pro-child care. It’s the Democrats’ position on this that is “extreme,” particularly when they would do something like Pelosi. 

Kids and tragedy aren’t supposed to be used for your own political advancement. 

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