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UFC Commentator Michael Bisping Accused on Making Homophobic Comment on Hot Mic

Former UFC Middleweight Champion and current analyst Michael Bisping was caught on a hot mic this weekend chastising himself with a remark some are calling homophobic.

Bisping was commentating on Saturday night’s UFC 298 event when, in reference to one of the fighters, he quipped, “What a guy.”

The segment ended, but Bisping’s mic was still on, and the former champ could be heard critiquing himself, saying, “What a guy?’ That’s ‘f*cking gay,” Bisping said. “Bye bye.”


Bisping did not address the incident on-air or on social media.

The British-born former middleweight had one other instance in which he was accused of making homophobic remarks. In 2016, after defeating Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, Bisping lashed out at his opponent after the fight.

“Go f*ck yourself … f*cking c*ksucker,” Bisping said. He then shouted, “F*gg*t.

This time, however, Bisping immediately corrected himself.

“Sh*t, I shouldn’t have said that,” he said. He then told the media to “delete that comment.”

Bisping is now a regular on UFC pay-per-view and Fight Night productions.

Molly McCann of England speaks with announcer Michael Bisping after knocking out Luana Carolina of Brazil in a women’s flyweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at O2 Arena on March 19, 2022, in London, England. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

He made his name in the sport in the early 2000s after appearing on “The Ultimate Fighter,” a reality series aimed at developing the next generation of fighters. Bisping, then a light heavyweight, won the show and went on to a highly successful UFC career, becoming the first major British star in the sport.

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