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Kansas City Mayor Suggests Racism After Missouri Governor Called Chiefs Parade Shooters ‘Thugs’

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas (D) claims Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) used a racial “dog whistle” when he referred to the Chiefs parade shooting suspects as “thugs.”

The New York Post reported that Lucas made this assessment on KCUR’s Up to Date radio program.

Parson had reacted to Wednesday’s shooting by saying, “We can’t let some thugs just take over and ruin what happened.”

Lucas told KCUR, “I have respect for the governor. We get along well. I disagree strongly with how he would describe that situation. I certainly do think this was criminal activity. It was lawlessness, and I think that that’s troubling. But ‘thugs’ is a dog whistle in the most classic sense.”

Gov. Mike Parson (Jacob Moscovitch/Getty Images).

He continued, “I’ve seen this dog whistle time and again. There’s this kind of giant conservative theory on social media now that the reason these mug shots haven’t been shown is because the purported defendants are black, and if it were a white defendant we would have just shown them. That is absolutely preposterous. There are protections to juveniles.”

On Friday, Breitbart News reported the two juveniles were charged with gun-related charges and resisting arrest. The Associated Press reported that a news release from the Jackson County Family Court noted that “additional charges are expected in the future as the investigation by the Kansas City Police Department continues.”

Police respond after shots were fired near the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII victory parade on February 14, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri (ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images).

The Chiefs celebratory parade was just ending when a dispute between individuals reportedly led to shots being fired. One person was killed, and over 20 others were injured as a result of the shooting.

People take cover during a shooting at Union Station during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII victory parade on February 14, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri (Jamie Squire/Getty Images).

Democrat-run Kansas City witnessed 182 homicides in 2023. Missouri State Rep. Ashley Aune (D) told KCUR that she believes the solution to the gun violence is “electing more Democrats in Missouri, full stop. That’s the only way things will change.”

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  1. Democrats are the Nation’s problem. Anyone with an ounce of common sense or owns their sanity just needs too take a look at LA, NYC, Portland, Minneapolis, Austin, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco, Flint, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston. Can it be mad anymore clear?

  2. I don’t care if they are juveniles you need to post their names, and pictures for everyone to see. Public shame should be part of the equation when this kind of thing happens. They were adult enough to decide to murder someone they can be adult enough to take the public shame that should go along with it.

  3. The Kansas City Mayor act like these juvenile are 15 or 16 yrs old, so what their juveniles, they shot Hispanic women and two juvenile. They are thugs weither their Asian Black, Hispanic, or White you carry a gun and shoot somebody and kill them or hurt them your a thugs. They just don’t want let us know that they were black, and the media didn’t either.

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