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Ann Coulter’s Take on the Kansas City Parade Shooting Stunned Bill Maher’s Audience

There wasn’t much to report regarding the latest updates on the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting other than it was a “dispute” among several people that led to gunfire. Three people were arrested—all juveniles. One has since been released after it was determined this individual was not part of the shooting, but two have been booked on firearm-related charges. One person was killed, with at least 20 injured—11 of them were children. Nine kids had gunshot wounds, but all survived. 

That’s the good news. 

We’re still waiting on the suspects’ names and the real motive. What we do know is that they’re not white males—that’s what Ann Coulter said on last night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, which, unsurprisingly, stunned the left-leaning audience. You can see CNN’s Van Jones’ reaction—he was aghast:

Coulter, a longtime friend of Maher’s, is not off the mark here. The slight twist here is that the shooters are youths, so it might take a little more time, but the principle rings true. She named how the media ran for the hills when it was revealed that the shooter at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, was transgender. We couldn’t read the shooter’s manifesto for weeks until portions of it leaked last fall. The San Bernadino terrorist attack was another instance of this reporting toeing the political correctness line. 

Maher reacted, saying we don’t officially know but pointed to Coulter, quipping, “You know—you have special powers.”

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