FNC’s Watters on Trump $350M Judgment: ‘This Is a Financial Assassination Attempt of a Political Target’

During the Friday broadcast of his “Jesse Watters Primetime” show’s opening, Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters railed against the $350 million ruling against former President Donald Trump initially brought by New York State.

Partial transcript as follows:

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  1. This aims no legally judicial judgement to pretend condignly by outlaws Congress Democrats party unlawfully brutally intent to sabotaging a rightful civilian’s elected former President with no crime’s of his own personally to hurting him turning the page’s for wildly exposing today’s corrupted politicians for unethical practices through our governing in the congressional institutions tuned to weaponized for over mishandling darkest political misconduct in the century through of revenge penetrating awkwardly pointed favoritism pro-socialism pro-Communism Democratic liberal judiciary systems dictating martial laws to overturn overthrow a greatest Presidency into Chao this isn’t Unites States constitutional about for a leading free world’s against wholes communists systematically supposed to ! Is wrong no socialist no communist in the America of Unite States lived or out !

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