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Ms. Magazine: Will Men Organize for Gun Control?

Ms. Magazine isn’t really the kind of place most of us go for…well…anything. It’s a feminist magazine that long ago left the quest for equality behind and how just pretty much echoes literally any left-leaning talking point that comes across their editor’s desk.

And that includes gun control.

For example, Brady’s Kris Brown wrote a piece published there about how the best thing about Barbieland in the recent movie was that there weren’t any guns.

Now, though, it seems that for all the history of strong, independent women, Ms. writers are looking to men to solve their problems.

For years, I have been calling for Congress to authorize the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to conduct a study of how we raise boys as early as preschool. Hopefully, in 2025 there will be a Congress willing to consider the proposal.
Like many debates about social conditions in the U.S., too many men remain silent, rarely weighing in, whether the issue is mass shootings, women’s reproductive rights or the climate emergency. What if, in this critically important election year, men organized themselves as men to speak out?
The 25th anniversary of the Columbine High School mass shootings is on April 20. Imagine what it would mean if men organized a Million Men’s March Against Gun Violence! That could be just the beginning.   
Just as Taylor Swift is influencing young women with her support for progressive causes, imagine if her partner, Super Bowl-winning tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, begins speaking out about gun violence, reproductive rights, the climate crisis and the presidential election. The potential impact he could have on men cannot be overstated.   

A study on how to raise boys by the same CDC that bowed to anti-gunners demands about actual data? Hard pass.

But let’s talk about men supposedly organizing for gun control?

The last time I looked, gun control organizations had a pretty good representation from both men and women. There are well-known male anti-gunners who speak out on the subject and have at least tried to organize.

So what’s the deal?

The deal is that there aren’t more men involved in anti-gun efforts. Seems kind of anti-feminist, doesn’t it?

The truth is that the author is seemingly upset because not everyone is rallying around her pet causes, such as gun control–yes, she says gun violence, but look at what else is on that list. It’s gun control–especially men.

See, she takes it as a foregone conclusion that women are already on her side, so it’s the men that need to be “influenced” to think the right way. She rightly figures feminists aren’t really going to rally men all that well, so she’s trying to put the onus on men to think like feminists want them to think.

Well, I’m sorry, but a lot of men aren’t interested in disarming their fellow men. Sure, there are plenty who do, but why should a guy just jump up out of the blue and start trying to organize men to advance leftist causes like gun control? Especially when we know that guns aren’t the problem.

Men don’t need to organize to suddenly shift politics in the author’s preferred direction, anti-gunners need to back off of our rights for a change and start looking at the one common denominator in all acts of violence: The violent individual.

Organizing to push gun control, among other leftist causes, doesn’t change that hard, basic truth.

And frankly, if Travis Kelce starts trying to influence people to embrace leftist nonsense, it’ll just give more people reasons to tune out of the NFL.

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