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Bombshell Report: Obama CIA Triggered the Russia Collusion Hoax – What Happened to the Secret Binder?

Fox’s Jesse Watters featured a bombshell story from Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi on his show on Tuesday: that the Obama CIA had foreign allies surveil Trump aides, setting off the Russia collusion hoax. 

The official story to this point has been that Australian officials informed U.S. officials that a Trump aide told an Australian diplomat that Russia had damaging information on Hillary Clinton. 

In truth, the US IC asked the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance to surveil Trump’s associates and share the intelligence they acquired with US agencies, say sources close to a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HSPCI) investigation. The Five Eyes nations are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
After Public and Racket had been told that President Barack Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan, had identified 26 Trump associates for the Five Eyes to target, a source confirmed that the IC had “identified [them] as people to ‘bump,’ or make contact with or manipulate. They were targets of our own IC and law enforcement — targets for collection and misinformation.”

So that was how the “suspicious” information was picked up and then passed back to the U.S. officials to ultimately be investigated by the FBI. How long had this been going on?

“They were making contacts and bumping Trump people going back to March 2016,” a source close to the investigation said. 

Public is Shellenberger’s Substack; Racket is Matt Taibbi’s news site. 

Shellenberger blasted this as illegal and also termed it election interference. 

Some of that information about the surveillance and the FBI investigation is in a 10-inch binder, according to this report. Trump ordered that material be declassified prior to leaving office. So, what happened to the binder? 

Shellenberger told Watters that they would have a follow-up piece specifically to address questions about the binder and the rumor that the binder may have factored into the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Shellenberger said if the binder contains what they have been told, that’s “extremely serious information.” It’s been speculated by many for a long time that the raid was related to Crossfire Hurricane documents, so if they have something firm on that, that would be hugely significant information to reveal. 

Shellenberger said he didn’t think he’d ever heard about anything like this in the history of the country, where the “intelligence community was weaponized against a political candidate and using our foreign allies to do it.” “I can’t think of a more important or dramatic story,” he said. 

RedState reported on some of this back in 2019 based on reports from Dan Bongino, and this would appear to further confirm what Bongino was reporting at the time. 

We’ll have to see what additional information they have to report about the binder, but hopefully, this will break open the whole thing. This might be why there’s such a fervor to not have former President Donald Trump back in office, as one would imagine that there would be some serious follow-up and blowback on all of this were he to become president again. 

We’ll keep you updated on what they report further on the matter. 


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  1. Obama’s reign of Terror — using the CIA et al in the White House to attack and destroy President Donald Trump….————–this is unbelievable and a heinous crime but now everything adds up

    Why is Obama not being taken to jail for treason, lying, cheating, corruption, being in league against this own president with foreign powers.

  2. This was nothing MORE THEN A COUP ON A DULY ELECTED SITTING PRESIDENT…TREASON WAS COMMITTED by Hilary, Obama, Mueller, Biden and the CIA, FBI AND THE DOJ…..This government of the people and for the PEOPLE NEEDS A SERIOUS CLEANING UP when the government covers a CORRUPT JOE BIDEN…This only tells me they wanted something and got it to FIX THE LAST ELECTION….USA=THIRD WORLD GOVERNMENT

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