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Dan Goldman Goes Into Gaslighting Overdrive Defending Biden on CNN—but Even They Nail Him With the Truth

If there’s anyone who would seem to be seeking the Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) Trophy for person most willing to debase himself to push party propaganda, it would be Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY). 

He’s been making the rounds, as other Biden surrogates have, trying to spin the disastrous Special Counsel Hur report and Joe Biden’s bad response to it. We already touched a bit on this when he claimed that it was “understandable” if Biden forgot when his son died to ABC. 

Goldman then had two different hits on CNN.

First, he did a spot with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Tapper mentioned the Biden memory lapses in the Special Counsel report, and he noted that it wasn’t the first time this has come up. He asked, was Goldman trying to say there was no problem with Biden claiming he talked to world leaders after they were long dead and confusing Francois Mitterrand for Emmanuel Macron or Helmut Kohl and Angela Merkel as he did just last week? 

Goldman then said he’d heard the White House Counsel spokesperson had disputed the depiction in the report. Funny how the spokesperson wouldn’t call for the release of the record on the Hur interview. He said that Biden called him the day before the interview with the Special Counsel and he claimed that Biden was “sharper than anyone I’ve spoken to” about such a complex geo-political issue. 

Oh, come on, man! Are you kidding? Do you expect us to believe that? Welcome to the Goldman Gaslighting Show

Biden has difficulty reading a teleprompter and finding his way off a stage. In the Hur interview, he also couldn’t remember when his VP term started or when it ended. That’s not “sharp” — that’s someone who has a problem. If Biden is “sharper than anyone” he’s spoken to, then he has a serious issue with the people around him. 

Then there was this moment with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins where he went to town with the gaslighting. 

Goldman says there’s a big difference between documents that have classified markings on them and Biden’s notes from those classified documents. That’s nonsense because both are a problem — and he had both. 

He mentioned how he could only see documents in a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) as a member of Congress. Yes, and that’s why Biden doesn’t have any rationale at all to still have documents from over 40 years ago, as Biden himself admitted. 

Claiming the notes wouldn’t have markings so Biden wouldn’t necessarily know they had classified information in them is nonsense, as Biden had to have taken the notes from classified documents originally. 

“There’s no evidence here that he was intentionally holding on, or had any intent to disclose this information beyond the immediate realm that he held,” Goldman said. Even he had to know that what he was saying was utter nonsense. 

Um, Dan? The report said exactly that there was evidence that Biden had “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials.” He had information that he knew and told the ghostwriter was classified in 2017, so he had knowledge of it but then held onto it. 

But Collins wouldn’t let Goldman get away with that, noting that there were documents found that had classified markings, and Biden noted it to the ghostwriter. She also pointed out that some of this information was related to human sources — some of the most sensitive information that you should never disclose. 

It doesn’t sound like people were buying the gaslighting. 

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