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Bombshell Filing Accuses Fani Willis of Not Telling Court Truth About Relationship With Nathan Wade

When the news came that Fulton County DA Fani Willis admitted the affair with the man she appointed to be a special prosecutor in the case against former President Donald Trump — but said the affair started after she had hired him — I thought, oh, that’s a bad idea, because if it started before that, there’s going to be evidence of that, it’s going to come out, and she and the case are going to be in even more trouble. 

Now comes a bombshell filing in the case from Michael Roman, a former Trump staffer and one of the defendants in the matter, who says he has evidence that disproves that claim.

Roman claimed in a Friday filing that Willis and Wade’s relationship began before the hiring. 

Willis also told the court that they didn’t start their relationship until 2022. 

Roman is trying to subpoena Willis, Wade, and Bradley to testify on the allegations at the Feb. 15 hearing. The DA’s office has filed a motion to quash the subpoenas to stop them from having to testify. 

Roman’s filing also detailed more trips between Willis and Wade, including two previously unknown cruises to the Bahamas and a trip to Belize. 

If what she said to the Court turns out to be false regarding the relationship, she could be in big trouble. The Court is going to be looking into the question of the allegations and hear from them how it impacts (or doesn’t) the case. 

It sounds like the hearing on the 15th that will address some of the issues will be a barnburner.

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