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WATCH: Morning Shows Spin Like Tops Over Biden Bungle: ‘Who Among Us Hasn’t’ Confused Egpyt and Mexico?

As I watched Biden’s Thursday press conference predictably spin out of control, I wondered how the so-called “mainstream” media would be spinning his disastrous performance by Friday morning.

Welp, no sooner than I fired up my computer I found out — hilariously so.

Between ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “CBS Mornings,” and NBC’s “Today,” the quasi-official media of the Democrat Party were in full-blown hyperbolic spin — with one pretend journalist even ridiculously suggesting that mixing up Egypt and Mexico is an everyday thing.

ABC’s chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce tried to explain away Biden’s uncontrollable anger directed at several reporters as a positive. No, really.

Um, Mary, just a couple of problems. 

81-year-old Biden did forget when his son Beau died, and even when he was vice president, according to the report. Moreover, “damage control”? You were joking, right? His ill-advised presser only made things worse. Oh, and his “legal exoneration” was a stretch — per the language in the report.

Bruce even tried to spin Biden mixing up Egypt and Mexico.

Meanwhile, CBS’ White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe tried to blow off Biden confusing Egypt with Mexico as a common occurrence.

Co-anchor Gayle King kicked off the exchange:

O’Keefe answered:

Downright delusional. “Leaned into it”? Leaned into what? Other than further making the point that he’s an elderly man with a rapidly failing memory?  

Co-anchor Tony Dokoupil interjected:

O’Keefe then totally beclowned himself.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever confused Egypt with Mexico.

Finally, over at “Today,” chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander surprisingly highlighted Biden’s ill-timed flub.

From a clip of Biden’s presser:

Yes, Joe was mightily ticked off by that point.

“Moments later,” Alexander pointed out, “the president confusing Mexico and Egypt when talking about the crisis in Gaza.”

Biden in another clip:

Yeah, that would be the president of Egypt, Joe.

And so it went, and undoubtedly continues to go as I wrap up this article, to absolutely nobody’s surprise.

The Bottom Line

The sock puppets of the left-wing media, in all of their smug faux glory, are — and forever will be — clueless about their blatant transparency. And that amuses the hell out of me.

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