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Chinese Batteries on Marine Corps Base to Be Decommissioned Over Worries of Chinese Hacking

U.S. utility company Duke Energy supplies utilities to the U.S. Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune. Part of that power provision includes storage batteries. Those batteries were sourced from China, and now Congress is insisting that Duke Energy decommission those batteries, citing the possibility that Chinese hackers working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be able to access the batteries, and through them, the power grid.

The company had been considering the Chinese battery maker for other projects, but that consideration will now be put on hold.

Everyone is confident in the security of things like this, until they aren’t.

If “security experts” are concerned, why is the Department of the Navy – or Duke Energy – not pressing these experts to describe precisely how these batteries are vulnerable? Add this to a considerable list of issues with battery technology that have arisen of late.

China, it should be noted, is not a nation that has the United States’ best interest at heart. And this, once again, is the best argument for relying less on Chinese technology and more on American natural gas for electricity. If storage batteries for backup are an issue, then it’s in our nation’s interest to address this within our own country rather than relying on China — or anywhere else.

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