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Dean Phillips Posts Brutal Message About Biden’s Incoherence

We’ve seen some very bad moments for Joe Biden over the past three years. 

But it’s getting worse. The problems are intense and becoming more frequent and it’s putting our country in jeopardy.  

Over the past few days, we saw him say that he spoke at the 2021 G7 to a man who had died in 1996, French President Francois Mitterand. And we saw his brain break badly at the White House as he desperately struggled to simply say there hadn’t been an answer from Hamas on any kind of a deal with Israel. He called Hamas “the opposition” and had to get help from a reporter.

We’re talking about it and pointing out the danger in which this places our country. 

But the liberal media largely isn’t. They’re going into their ordinary “defend the Democrat” mode. Oh, to save “democracy,” of course, because what our Constitutional Republic needs is a guy who talks to dead people who is not Haley Joel Osment. 

But there is one Democrat who is talking about it: Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). He just delivered a brutal message about Joe Biden’s incoherence for Democrats that we may not be able to reach. He has about 3 million views and the reactions show some people may be getting it. 

I’m attacked for being honest and saying the quiet part out loud – the part DC insiders only do in private.I admire our President. I voted for him and campaigned for him. He has visited my home and been gracious to my family and our country. But shame on all of you pretending everything is ok. You are leading us – and him – into a disaster, and you damn well know it.

Now, I’ll disagree with Phillips on admiring Biden. But because he might reach some Democrats with what he’s saying, the Biden Democrats are just losing their mind at him for not being afraid to spread a little reality. As MRC’s Tim Graham noted, it’s the Democrat message the pro-Biden media doesn’t want to hear.

The excuses were many. Posters tried to pull out everything from saying the clips were edited to claiming it was a “stutter.” No, guys, that’s insulting to people with a stutter. Talking to dead people is not a stutter.  

You know Phillips hit a nerve when they started freaking out and attacking him for revealing the truth. 

The bottom line is Phillips is presenting the truth here with the videos about Biden’s coherence, and they just can’t handle the truth. They can’t care more about the country than about the party, and realize Biden puts the country at great risk. 

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