Catholic Leaders Are Furious Over Pope Francis’ Plan to Bless Same-Sex Couples

At least 90 prominent Catholic leaders have signed an open letter asking Cardinals and Bishops around the world to oppose plans by Pope Francis to introduce blessings to same-sex couples. 

The letter argues that Fiducia Supplicans, a Vatican doctrine signed and approved last month by the Pope, would allow the blessing of “objectively sinful” relations and must be opposed at all costs. 

Cardinals and Bishops are asked to “forbid immediately the application of this document in your diocese” as well as contacting the Pope directly to demand he “urgently withdraw this unfortunate document, which is in contradiction with both Scripture and the universal and uninterrupted Tradition of the Church.”

A copy of the letter was published by LifeSiteNews:

The letter also argues that although same-sex couples will be prevented from some of the traditions involved with such blessings, these rules will inevitably be removed over time:

The argument highlights the bitter divisions within the church over its religious and political direction under the current Pope’s leadership.

The Argentinian, who became pontiff in 2013, is notorious for his progressive political positions and hostility to the more conservative wing of the church that held power under the previous Pope Benedict XVI.

Last year, the Vatican even published a document urging Catholic leaders not to criticize Francis on social media. 

“The Christian style should be reflective, not reactive, on social media,” the letter stated. “Therefore, we should all be careful not to fall into the digital traps hidden in content that is intentionally designed to sow conflict among users by causing outrage or emotional reactions.”

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