Lizzo’s Career on the Brink, As Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Lawsuit Goes to Trial

A sexual harassment lawsuit against the rapper Lizzo will move forward to trial, potentially casting a dark shadow over one of the liberal media’s favorite personalities. 

The singer had her request to throw out the lawsuit rejected by a California judge, after her lawyers cited California’s anti-SLAPP statute, a special law that enables defendants to end meritless lawsuits that threaten the First Amendment. 

In his decision, Judge Mark Epstein said he had “tried to thread the needle,” after agreeing to dismiss one charge of fat shaming on the grounds that it was constitutionally protected activity:

Billboard’s article also reported on the finer details of the case:

Lizzo’s defense attorney. Martin D. Singer has argued that the claimants have merely “an axe to grind” after being admonished for “a pattern of gross misconduct and failure to perform their job up to par”:

Meanwhile, the dancers’ lawyer, Ron Zambrano, celebrated the decision:

As previously outlined by RedState, the media has reported on the issue with in an “uncharacteristically well-behaved fashion.” Given that Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, ticks so many boxes such as being a morbidly obese black woman and an outspoken progressive activist, they are affording her the full presumption of innocence. Be grateful for small mercies! 

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