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Presidential Candidate Cornel West Announces New Justice for All Party

Professor Cornel West, a 2024 candidate for U.S. President, announced a new “Justice for All Party” with the intended aim of combatting what he called the “suppression of voter choice.”

“The party will primarily be utilized as a grassroots, people-powered vehicle to secure ballot access in specific states. Additionally, JFA will grow into a larger formation that galvanizes people-powered initiatives to promote transformational change beyond the 2024 election cycle,” West said in the announcement.

West hailed the creation of the JFA as a “celebration of the power of grassroots organizing” and a check on the “era of corporate political parties.”

“JFA, first and foremost, provides a mechanism for our grassroots campaign to travel a path of least resistance that will require the fewest number of signatures to attain ballot access in states like North Carolina, Florida, and Washington,” he said. “The campaign acknowledges the unique political climates of each state and respects the decision-making power of the movement in guiding the party’s formation.”

West further pledged the new party will be in line with the dreams of activists like “Martin Luther King, Joshua Abraham Heshcel, Dorothy Day and so many others who dared to bear witness to an iniquitous political system and directly confront it.”

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