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WATCH: IDF Forces in Disguise Raid Hospital and Kill Hamas Leader, Pro-Hamas Libs Freak Out

The war between Israel and Hamas continues to rage following the October 7th attacks carried out by the latter. In what culminated in a wild scene, IDF operators dressed in disguise raided a hospital in Jenin, taking out a Hamas leader and two of his deputies. No one else was harmed.

Surveillance footage showed the beginning of the operation, with one operator even showing up in a wheelchair while others dressed as Muslim women and medical workers. Later photos show the aftermath, with blood stains in the room the terrorists were hiding in. 

Jenin has been a terrorist stronghold for decades. Often labeled a “refugee camp” by the international community, it’s an area of mostly solid structures where militants hide among permanent residents, including women and children. Mohammad Walid Jalamna, the Hamas leader who was killed, was allegedly planning another attack in the mold of October 7th, likely to be launched from the West Bank. 

The head of the hospital cried foul, claiming the terrorists were killed in “cold blood.”

“They executed the three men as they slept in the room,” the hospital’s director, Dr. Naji Nazzal, told Reuters. “They executed them in cold blood by firing bullets directly into their heads in the room where they were being treated.”
He said Basil Ayman Al-Ghazzawi had been receiving treatment since Oct. 25 for a spinal injury which had paralysed him.
The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad militant group said the Al-Ghazzawi brothers were members of its armed wing, while Hamas confirmed that Jalamna belonged to its Al Qassam Brigade.

What did Dr. Naji Nazzal think was going to happen when he decided to harbor terrorists without alerting the authorities? War isn’t pretty, and members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad do not get special immunity the moment they step into a hospital. Israel said they were going to hunt down and eliminate those involved in the October 7th attacks, and they meant it. 

Of course, even the targeted killing of terrorists with no collateral damage got the pro-Hamas fanatics riled up.


I mean, yes, it was a “death squad” in the sense that it was sent to kill dangerous terrorists. Special operations against enemy combatants are not a new concept. Hamas could simply surrender if this is all too messy for people like Mehdi Hasan.

Besides, I’ve been told repeatedly that Israel must cease all attacks that result in civilian casualties. Well, this was an attack that resulted in no civilian casualties. It’s almost as if Hasan and people like him weren’t actually concerned about that but just support terrorism. Who could have guessed? 

Do you know what I noticed the most about this operation? No one was raped. No one was beheaded. No innocent people were gunned down. Instead, those involved operated as a professional force should. That some find that more upsetting than the October 7th attacks is telling.

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