Democrat Politician Calls for Right-Wing Americans to Be Bombed, and You'll Recognize the Name

Democrat Politician Calls for Right-Wing Americans to Be Bombed, and You’ll Recognize the Name

Remember Texas Democrat Gene Wu? If you were politically connected back in 2021, you probably do.

Wu and several other left-wing state representatives broke the law by fleeing the state in an attempt to deny a statutorily required quorum. What prompted that move? Republicans in Texas had the sheer gall to win elections and use their majority to pass an election integrity law. 

Opposing Democrats decided the only way to stop the bill from passing was the run to Capitol Hill to sing “We Will Overcome” and eat Caesar salads while bragging about being fugitives. Eventually, the Texas legislature voted to have the Sergeant-of-Arms arrest them, and Wu and others came crawling back

Just like that, their brief glimpse of resistance fame was over. That hasn’t stopped Wu from being a ratio-magnet, though, and his latest attempt at being edgy did not go well. Specifically, he suggested that the U.S. Military should bomb American citizens. 

Pressed, Joe Biden has often asserted the same idea by proclaiming that anyone who opposes his regime needs to have fighter jets to have a chance. As has been pointed out many times, the Viet Cong and Taliban would disagree, but we now have a much more stark example of how dumb that logic is. 

Recently, Democrats got very excited about the prospect of federal Border Patrol agents getting into an armed clash with Texas National Guard soldiers who were putting out razor wire to help secure the border. The “dark Brandon” memes flowed, with suggestions that arrests would be made and the CBP would do Biden’s bidding to ensure Texas was shown its place. 

That didn’t happen, though. Instead, the Border Patrol agents trashed Biden for causing the crisis and proclaimed their support of the TNG and other Texas agencies and officials, including Gov. Greg Abbott. 

You see, the Border Patrol isn’t made up of woke robots who will simply do whatever deranged Democrats tell them to do. The same is true for the military. Those drones and bombers require people to operate them, and there are precious few people who would pull the trigger on an American citizen because Joe Biden or Gene Wu tells them to. That kind of complicates the whole “just wait until you get a hellfire shot at your house if you think you can defend yourself” line, doesn’t it? 

That is the biggest problem for Democrats. Most of them want to be tyrants who rule with an iron fist, but when push comes to shove, they don’t have the ability to enforce their tyranny. So perhaps Wu should stick to Caesar salads and cheap political stunts. 

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