Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger Back Nikki Haley, Donate to Campaign

Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger Back Nikki Haley, Donate to Campaign

Former Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, hardcore anti-Trumpers and the only two Republicans to serve on the January 6 committee, have both thrown their weight behind Nikki Haley for president.

Kinzinger announced on X that he donated $250 to Haley’s campaign even after she lost to former President Trump in the New Hampshire primary.

“I just donated $250 to [Haley], I want to make sure I am never invited to that cheap and awful S-hole club called Mar-A-Lago. I don’t want to catch weak victimitis. I’m Thankful that sweaty Don gave us a way to ban ourselves,” said Kinzinger.

Kinzinger added he had no intention of giving to Haley until Trump posted on X that anyone who contributes to Haley will be “permanently banned” from the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. 

“When I ran for Office and won, I noticed that the losing Candidate’s ‘Donors’ would immediately come to me, and want to ‘help out.’ This is standard in Politics, but no longer with me. Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them, because we Put America First, and ALWAYS WILL!” the former president said on Truth Social.

Likewise, Liz Cheney said during an interview on Pod Save America that she would be backing Haley.

“What we watched [Trump] do in the lead up to January 6, his attempt to seize power, presents an existential threat…And right now, Nikki Haley is in this fight [to keep Trump out of office] and I think she ought to stay in it,” said Cheney.

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