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Trump’s Relationship With ‘RINO’ Kayleigh McEnany Appears Broken Beyond Repair

Donald Trump’s relationship with his former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany appears to be beyond repair.

Trump was seemingly enraged by McEnany after she criticized the former president for using his victory speech in New Hampshire to attack his final opponent Nikki Haley.

“This speech was a speech to dispose of the last remaining competitor, if you could call it that,” McEnany said on Fox News. “She’s still significantly behind him, he’s pulling a majority support, but to get her out of the race.”

Her comments came after Trump defeated Haley in the New Hampshire primary by over 10 points, meaning any realistic challenge to his grip on the Republican nomination is over. 

She continued: 

“I would suggest that adopting a general election tone is what you do at this point, and here’s why I say this. This was actually a fairly good night for Joe Biden. When you look at our voter analysis, only 10% said, ‘I would not vote for Joe Biden if he’s the nominee.’ He won a plurality of voters who said he was too old, he won a majority of voters who were upset about the Gaza war.”

McEnany also cited some potentially concerning data about Trump’s prospects in the general election should he fail to unite the Republican Party:

When you look at the Republican Party, seven in ten Nikki Haley voters said, ‘I would not vote for Trump.’ There was a Des Moines Register poll, 43% said, ‘No, I wouldn’t vote for Trump.’

If I’m Trump, I sit back and I exclusively focus on the general election. I take the posture of a presumptive nominee. I focus on, number one, uniting the party, and number two, winning the independents, which Nikki Haley won 55-39%. That’s what I would do.

Nikki Haley, I mean, the closest margin is 30% in the states ahead. For all intents and purposes, he’s the presumptive nominee.

Trump, predictably, was unimpressed by her advice.

“I don’t need any advice from RINO Kayleigh McEnany on Fox,” he wrote on Truth Social. “Just had a GIANT VICTORY over a badly failing candidate, ‘Birdbrain,’ and she’s telling me what I can do better. Save your advice for Nikki!”

The comments also reflected Trump’s increasingly antagonistic relationship with Fox, whom he has never really forgiven since the network’s antics on the night of the 2020 presidential election. 


It is not the first time that Trump has lashed out at his former press secretary, who was a hugely popular figure during his presidency as she expertly took on the liberal media while standing behind the podium in the White House Press Room. 

“Kayleigh “Milktoast” McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on FoxNews,” he wrote at the time after she discussed Ron DeSantis’s seemingly strong position as a primary contender. “The RINOS & Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars!!!”

Stranger things have happened, but should Trump make it back to the White House, one can probably assume McEnany won’t be returning to her former role.

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