Matt & Takki Hernandez with their daughters. (Credit: Matt Hernandez)

Georgia Couple Falsely Accused of Child Abuse to Be Reunited With Their Children

A Georgia family going through a horrific ordeal due to government bureaucracy has finally received some good news.

In December 2023, RedState reported on the story of Matt and Tuckey “Takki” Hernandez, a couple whose children were taken away from them after they were falsely accused of abusing their baby daughter, Emma. The child, along with her four-year-old sister Arya, were placed into foster care after the mother was arrested.

Since being taken away from their parents, both children’s conditions worsened. But now, a judge has ruled in favor of reunifying the family.

You Are the Power, a nonprofit advocacy group working with the family, made the announcement on Friday.

Unfortunately, this good news is not yet the end of the road because both Matt and Takki are facing criminal charges. However, Spike Cohen, the founder of You Are the Power” celebrated the victory and pledged to continue the fight to prove the couple’s innocence.

 “This is a big victory for the Hernandez family today, but there’s more work to be done,” he told RedState. He added:

The family’s nightmare began in June when Takki took Emma to the pediatrician because she had bruising on her ribs and legs.

Two medical professionals, having reviewed Emma’s records, testified at Takki’s first hearing that Emma showed signs of prior health issues that could have caused the injuries.

The pathologist concluded that “Emma Hernandez was not the victim of child abuse.”

Nevertheless, the judge still decided to seize the children and place them in foster care. Now, it appears the family has been given a break while the couple seeks to clear their names.

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