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Biden Insults the Voters of Iowa and Appears to Mock the ‘March for Life’

I wrote earlier about some of Joe Biden’s remarks on the South Lawn as he left for North Carolina. 

He made a damning admission in response to the strikes against the Houthis for attacking our assets and those of other countries. He admitted that the strikes so far weren’t working. Weakness rarely works, and telling people “don’t” rarely stops them, especially if they know by experience that they’re not going to be dealt with severely.  If you start out with weakness, people don’t take you seriously. 

He was also asked about other subjects like Trump’s resounding win in the Iowa caucuses and what it meant for the November presidential election. But Joe being Joe, I don’t think he realized what he was saying as he tried to ding Trump, but in the process, managed to insult the people of the Hawkeye State. 

“I don’t think Iowa means anything,” Biden sniped, not getting he was putting down the state and its voters. He continued:

The president got 50 some thousand votes, the lowest number of votes anybody who’s won got. This idea that it’s going to be some kind of runaway. He can characterize any way he wants. I’ll let him make that judgment.

Oh, he’s so mad. He hates any challenge. Notice he says “the president” without even realizing it. It’s so on his mind. 

What he said about Trump’s showing was also spin to try to deflect from realities: Trump won by almost 30 points. He got a higher percentage than anyone in recent history. He also almost swept all the counties, coming up just one vote short of winning 99. It was a formidable win in a state where Biden did not do well in 2020. When almost 76 percent turned out in Iowa in 2020, Trump beat Biden running away, 53.09 percent to 44.89.

Biden’s dismissive attitude is not going to go over well in Iowa, as Jeff Kaufman, the Iowa GOP chair, noted. He pointed out that Biden lost in caucuses in 2008/2020 in the state as well. 

He also got blasted by Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA). 

Biden also appeared to mock the March for Life while he was being dismissive of Americans. He was asked about his message to the people attending. 

“March,” he barked. He’s got that old man-miffed face he does, like Jeff Dunham’s Walter, some on X observed.  Now it appears he’s mocking the March. But I will give you it’s Joe, so it’s possible he has no idea what he’s saying or doesn’t know what The March even is, even though he claims he does. 

Maybe if you want to win an election, you don’t insult, dismiss, and mock Americans? Just a thought, of course. But Joe seems intent on torpedoing votes and handing them over to Trump. 

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