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Feel-Good Friday: Four Men Help a Woman Who Skidded Off the Road, Proving Winter Samaritans Are the Best

Oddly enough, I am excited to live in a state that actually gets weather. Winter is not my favorite of seasons, but in Alabama, it’s so short that you can ride with it without too much inconvenience. Like much of the country, we will be experiencing some freezing temperatures and maybe even some ice. There are bridges and waterways all over the state, so I imagine that things will come to a standstill, and the natives tell me that people pretty much lose their minds. 

Instead of toilet paper, there seems to be a run on milk, white bread, and eggs. French toast, perhaps? In any event, I can’t really blame them. So, I stocked up on eggs and milk (I don’t eat bread) and figured I will just avoid driving for a few days to be on the safe side. That’s the beauty of having a job where you can work from home. But others are not so fortunate, especially when you live in states in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

Avoiding the weather in a place like Idaho, for example, is a near impossibility. They get the snow, the ice, and sometimes it’s not so nice. However, if you run into trouble, let’s hope you are discovered by these winter Samaritans who helped a poor mother and her two young children escape an icy embankment unharmed. She wrote:

I was driving home with my toddler and baby when I slid and was on the edge of an embankment. I was worried I would roll my car if I let off the pedal or moved the wheel so I just kept still. My mom was behind me and was able to get my baby out of the car when a guy pulled up and asked how he could help. He grabbed some straps and he and some other co-workers came and helped pull me out. One of the guys gave me his jacket to keep warm and continued to help get my car out in a short sleeve shirt. It was a Friday after 4:30 p.m. and they were headed home from work but took the time to help me. They were employees of Knife River and were so kind and generous. I was so worried about my babies and I’m thankful they were willing to help me quickly and with so much kindness!

Winter Samaritans are the best. To have the wherewithal and skill to safely maneuver a metal vehicle off the ice and onto a safe road is quite a feat. This young mom wrote to Nate Eaton of East Idaho News, and even though she didn’t know their names, he tracked them down in order to thank them for getting her out of her dilemma. Kyle Gubler, Johnathan Barron, Andy Vegas, and Sean Adams were honored for their selfless sacrifice. Three of them were on their way home and one was still on his shift, but they wanted to ensure this momma and her babies made it home safety.

They are not only a good neighbors, but stellar humans too. Sometimes, inclement weather brings out the best in us. 

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