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WATCH: Vivek Puts Media on the Spot With Stunning Questions, Their Response Should Concern Us All

Vivek Ramaswamy certainly seems to have a talent in knowing how to deal with media. We’ve seen this now on multiple occasions where he has taken apart reporters who try to take him out but find the tables being turned on them. The most recent examples of this were when he decimated NBC’s Dasha Burns as well as a WaPo reporter on questions about racism and white supremacy. 

But the questions he asked the media on Wednesday were truly something else. He was talking with two state reps, and one of them wanted to know if there was any of the national media who believed they were wrong. 

Vivek said that was a great question, and then he asked the assembled media in front of him some things I think we would all like to know from them.

“Who here is willing to admit that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was inaccurately reported by the mainstream media?” he asked of the reporters. 

There didn’t seem to be any takers to acknowledge that basic truth. They frankly seemed stunned that he would even ask them such a thing. One reporter offered it “wouldn’t be really appropriate for answer a question like that.” 

“Why not?” Vivek asked. “What’s inappropriate is lying to the public.” 

Vivek then went on to say he thought that the public was lied to long after it became known about the Clinton involvement in the Steele dossier. 

He then went on to give another example that he thought might be easier for them. 

“Does anyone believe the media’s reporting about the origin of COVID-19?” 

He asked for a show of hands whether anyone believed that the Wuhan lab was the likely source. The state reps raised their hands. None of the media did. 

He then asked what I think should have been the simplest one, even if they were frightened to admit the prior ones: Does anyone believe the Hunter Biden laptop story, as reported by the New York Post, was accurately reported and not Russian disinformation?  He recalled how the story had been suppressed on Twitter by locking the account of the NY Post as well as the accounts of the people who shared the story. That should be easy, right?

Multiple mainstream media outlets have admitted the laptop was real now. 

But still, it looked like no hands went up. Vivek even mentioned a reporter from an outlet that had reported on the laptop, but it wasn’t clear if that reporter acknowledged it. 

One reporter asked about Rudy Giuliani being sued in relation to the laptop as though that somehow put the laptop in question and she asked why Vivek was asking about this now. 

Vivek explained that it was election interference, and that he thought that there was the “same kind of election interference” going on now too. He argued you have to deal with the mistakes of the past or you’re going to be dealing with the same thing in the future. He said he didn’t want to see that happen again, and that the suppression of those things and the suppression of speech in regard to things like COVID-19 was a big problem. 

“That history is relevant to what’s happening today,” he declared.  

You can see that they never expected to be questioned like that — how dare anyone question them?! And then, with just a few things the one female reporter said, you could see how ignorant she was and how that revealed her skewed thoughts. Likely, their political leanings enter into why none of them will admit there are problems here. 

And it’s concerning — when they’re the media who have the supposed job of ferreting out the truth and presenting facts to us — that they don’t seem to know the facts or seem to be interested in the truth. 

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  1. Vivek is 100% correct!! The Media is also part of the Globalist takeover of the World.
    The Media does Not tell us the Truth and won’t even tell us what’s really going on in the World. Hawaii is the best example;
    Our Evil Gov purposely destroyed that little town, murdered thousands and our Government won’t even help these poor people who lost Everything! The gov for years has wanted this town for its own purpose of making $Billions but the people of LaHaina didn’t want to give up their homes and land. So, the Evil Gov decides to cut off their water supply for years to make it so dry that when these fires started by our same Gov would totally destroy this little town. And the Media hardly even covered this murderiss event and even today you don’t hear a word about it. The Media today are an EVIL ENTITY!!

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