Tucker and Clay Higgins Reveal Huge # of FBI Assets on J6, Including Some ‘Dressed as Trump Supporters’

Tucker Carlson did an interview with Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) over the weekend about Jan. 6 and he asked him about the question Higgins had pursued with FBI Director Christopher Wray in 2022: How many FBI agents/informants were involved on Jan. 6? 

Tucker detailed how bad Wray’s response was to Higgins on the question and asked Higgins if they’d gotten any further information on the question. 

Higgins’ response was big news. He said that they were “closer to the position where we can reveal the answers” now that they had gotten more information by being in the Republican majority. 

Higgins said that they had compiled a lot of evidence. He spoke about the involvement of people “to set the stage for what happened” and that there was a “large web” of people involved to “entrap” people. He said there was “conspiratorial corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.” 

Then he started dropping bombs. He said that the FBI had human assets dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol prior to the doors being opened and the masses being “allowed in.” He said he knew even when he asked Wray the question that the FBI was heavily involved because it had embedded itself with various groups and was testing the waters to see who they could influence and suggest going into the Capitol. 

Higgins said he believed the “Trump supporters” (FBI assets/law enforcement assets) inside the Capitol then helped wave Trump supporters in and to various areas in the building. 

Tucker asked him how many ‘”assets” he was talking about here. This was probably one of the most troubling things out of the interview. 

Higgins explained that based upon what he called “conservative” assessments, with eyewitness and whistleblower information, affidavits, videos, and court records, he thought the number in the crowd and in the building at “well over 200” FBI assets, including Metro police and Capitol police. I think that’s far more than anyone had thought and certainly demands further investigation as to what was going on here. 

Higgins said he believed they would have “criminal referrals,” but until you had a president who would “clean house,” he wasn’t sure where the referrals would be going. 

Higgins, a former police officer, also explained the way that the police should have dealt with Ashli Babbitt rather than shooting her as Lt. Michael Byrd did. He said you never make the decision to use lethal force “unless it’s absolutely called for and required.” Babbitt was unarmed and had posed no threat to the officers on the side of the wall that she had just been. “But you don’t shoot her,” he concluded.

Tucker asked when all this information would officially come out. 

Higgins encouraged Speaker Mike Johnson to release all the digital files, and he said that he thought Johnson would do so. 

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  1. Anyone who uses their head knows this was a sham put on by the shister democrats. Between pelosi, the FBI and capital police it was a set up to make Trump supporters look like terrorists. It was antifa and FBI sources who were the actual so called insurgents the ones who did the destruction. The capital police opened doors and waved people into the capital building then turned around and trapped people inside to make it look like they were the one causing damage and trespassing.

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