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NBC News Reporter Goes After Libs of TikTok Over Iowa Transgender Shooter, and It Doesn’t Go Well for Him

It may be difficult to remember, given the story was completely buried within hours, but a transgender activist did shoot up a school in Iowa on Thursday. 

As RedState reported, the shooter turned out to be Dylan Butler, and his social media footprint showed he identified as “non-binary,” had the “pride” flag in his bio, and participated in various transgender activism. The moment those details became public, the mainstream press went into total blackout mode. Truly, the speed with which they stopped reporting the shooting altogether was a sight to behold. 

Still, there were some angles left for the mainstream press to push, and it wasn’t long before an NBC News reporter decided who the real victims were. You guessed it, the “LGBTQ” community. 

NBC News reporter Matt Lavietes messaged Chaya Raichik, who runs the Libs of TikTok account that reported on Butler’s background. Instead of showing any care about the fact that people were, you know, shot, Lavietes was deeply concerned that simply pointing out the shooter was trans would harm the “LGBTQ” community.

Can you really claim a group of people are “marginalized” when they are routinely elevated above other groups, including actual shooting victims? As a nation, no other demographic gets more attention per capita and more concern than the “LGBTQ” community. Heck, just a few days before this shooting, gay people in Seattle were praised for shutting down a playground project so they could continue to be nude in public without any hassle. Clearly, we aren’t talking about “marginalized” people. 

Laveites has an agenda, though. As Raichik points out in her short but highly effective rebuttal, he has “pronouns” in his bio. That alone is a clear sign he’s an activist masquerading as a journalist. In fact, he did this same routine when another transgender shooter shot up a Christian school in Nashville in early 2023. 

There’s something downright sociopathic about seeing a school shooting and immediately being more worried about the “LGBTQ” community than those who were the victims of actual violence. Lavietes’ reporting is a joke, and his network is a joke for going with this offensive angle instead of reporting on the shooter honestly and openly. 

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