Who ‘Jane Doe #3’ Was Trafficked to and Why That’s One of the Most Troubling Revelations of All

As we’ve noted before, the “Epstein list” refers to documents revealing names or “Doe” numbers of people who were associated with Jeffrey Epstein. It included all kinds of people, including victims, and not just alleged clients. 

One of the most troubling documents among the Epstein documents that have come out so far is the one referencing Jane Doe #3, a teenager whom Epstein trafficked to “powerful men.”

Those men included “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders.” 

Epstein “required the girl to describe the events that she had with these men so that he could potentially blackmail them,” the document said.

“Epstein also sexually trafficked the then-minor Jane Doe, making her available for sex to politically-connected and financially-powerful people,” according to the court record.
The financier’s purported goal in “lending” Jane Doe 3 to his influential pals was to “ingratiate” himself with them for financial gain, but also “to obtain potential blackmail information.”

Blackmail might explain why Epstein seemed to have so much money and license to do what he wanted. But it also raises the question of who was being blackmailed, what he had on them, and how they were being blackmailed — for money, influence, or other actions that they would take. 

That seems incredibly important to know. Because even though he may be dead, that information may still be out there. And while we talk about ‘lists,” what is still out there that hasn’t been fully revealed is lists/calendars that were kept by Epstein, as well as all the flight logs. Some of the flight logs have come out. So when we talk about this “list” of Does in relation to this case, as I’ve said for a while, there are more important “lists” that have yet to be plumbed fully. That’s why Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has been trying to get the flight logs. 

There have been many powerful names that have come out in association with the case but without necessarily connecting a specific sexual offense or impropriety to those names. 

But one name where there has been a specific allegation in regard to Jane Doe #3 is Prince Andrew. She was allegedly forced to have sex with him in multiple locations, including in an orgy with numerous underage girls on the island, according to the document.

In the document, Jane Doe 3 claimed that her rights under the federal Crimes Victims’ Rights Act were violated when the US government entered into a secret non-prosecution agreement with Epstein regarding sex trafficking crimes.
Instead, the millionaire was allowed to plead guilty in 2008 to a count of soliciting prostitution involving a single victim and served 13 months in a jail work-release program.

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