Rapper T.I. and wife Tiny accused of rape, false imprisonment by Air Force veteran in new lawsuit

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris are facing a new civil lawsuit from a woman who claims the couple drugged and sexually assaulted her. The celebrity couple have vehemently denied the accusations.

An anonymous woman filed a lawsuit against the rapper and his wife on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The woman claims she was introduced to the couple in 2005 through an associate named “Caviar.” Jane Doe alleges she met Caviar the night prior at a party at the home of late rapper Coolio.

Jane Doe alleges that T.I. — whose real name is Clifford Harris — and his wife spiked her drink after she was introduced to the couple in the VIP section of a Los Angeles nightclub.

According to the lawsuit, “Plaintiff noticed that T.I. and Tiny were whispering to each other and pointing to different women around the club in a suspicious manner.”

Jane Doe — who was in her early twenties at the time — says that Tiny gave her an alcoholic drink.

Jane Doe claims she went to a hotel room with the couple and two other women. The suit says the two women left, and Tiny took Doe’s clothes. The couple joined her in the shower, which left her feeling “extremely shocked and uncomfortable.”

“While on the bed, T.I. allegedly turned on a pornographic movie and demanded Doe rub oil on his back and naked body,” according to People magazine. “Then, Tiny joined them in bed and allegedly began to massage Doe, making her feel ‘sick, disgusted and nauseated,’ according to the complaint.”

Tiny was “pinning” down Doe, the lawsuit states.

T.I. “demanded she begin rubbing oil on his back and naked body,” according to the complaint.

T.I. is accused of making sexual advances on the woman, including penetrating her with his toes. However, she allegedly told him, “No,” and then tried to get away from him.

At the same time, Doe allegedly “grew increasingly sicker and felt extremely ill by the assault and battery she was experiencing.”

Doe vomited in the bathroom, then she emerged from the bathroom “naked, dazed, sickened, and weak.” She allegedly passed out on a couch.

The woman believed that she was drugged because she “could tell she was experiencing something serious and debilitating that was not a symptom of a typical drink or a few drinks.”

Doe was reportedly awakened by the sound of a security guard pounding on the door.

Doe said “her vagina was in serious pain, and that she felt an itching and burning sensation.”

The woman said she was crying when she was escorted out of the hotel room while T.I. and Tiny were still in bed.

“Plaintiff did not consent to any of the sexual assault or misconduct and did not have the capacity to consent after being drugged by defendants,” lawyers said in the complaint.

Rodney S. Diggs, an attorney for the accuser, said: “Forcing someone, in this case by way of drugs, into doing something of a sexual nature they don’t want to is sexual battery — rape. Even after all these years, the embarrassment, shame, depression — it still lingers. Silencing women silences justice. No longer will my client remain silent; we are now seeking justice for her and everyone who has been similarly violated.”

At the time of the alleged sexual assault, Doe was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Los Angeles.

The woman is seeking unspecified damages for sexual battery, battery, sexual assault, negligence, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

T.I., 43, and Tiny, 48, “emphatically and categorically” denied the allegations.

“On the heels of positivity, negativity always rears its ugly head. For THREE years we have maintained our innocence and refused to pay these extortionate demands for things we didn’t do,” the couple wrote. “For THREE years, we’ve maintained the same position while the claims in this story have changed time and time again. Our position is clear… We are innocent of these fake claims, we will not be shaken down, and we look forward to our day in court.”

The New York Times reported in February 2021 that there had been a police investigation into T.I. and Tiny after four women accused the celebrity couple of drugging and sexually assaulting them. One of the women is an Air Force veteran.

The alleged sexual assaults took place between 2005 and 2018.

Lawyer Tyrone A. Blackburn noted that the alleged crimes were all “eerily similar.”

The women accused T.I. and Tiny of “sexual abuse, forced ingestion of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment.”

Blackburn also said the pair engaged in nonsexual intimidation, assault, and harassment.

In September 2021, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined to file charges against T.I. and Tiny because the case fell outside of the 10-year statute of limitations.

The new civil case is filed under California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act — which extends the statute of limitations for sex abuse and assault victims to December 2026.

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