London Council Demands Private Companies Commit to LGBTQ+ Agenda Before Hiring Them: Report

A leftist-controlled council local government in London has reportedly begun to require private companies “demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ equality” if they wish to do business with the council.

The Camden Council in Central London is said to have introduced measures to ensure that all firms hired by the local government are on board with the increasingly radical LGBTQ+ agenda.

According to statements seen by The Telegraph, the Labour Party-run council has proclaimed that it will only “work with businesses whose values align with our own, and to use our position of power to positively influence”.

“We are beginning to ask businesses to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ equality before we procure them,” the council reportedly stated.

The council is also reported to have said that “building our commitment to LGBTQ+ equality into our procurement processes” has been a central element in its strategy to be more inclusive.

According to the broadsheet, Camden Council has also introduced transgender awareness sessions and has set aside dates to celebrate “Bi Visibility Day” and “Transgender Day of Remembrance”.

They have also reportedly consulted with the public to promote “diversity in the public realm” to meet leftist London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s goal of covering “all protected characteristics and intersectionality”.

Responding to the report, Reform UK London mayoral candidate Howard Cox said: “This ultra Left-wing council should be censured for their needless discriminatory behaviour against private businesses.

“What their potential and existing suppliers offer to Camden’s local taxpayers has nothing to do with marginalised sexuality and gender identity employment policies.

“These businesses should be judged only on the quality of product, service and value for money they offer. Yet another clueless London Labour council that has lost sight of all common sense for a minority and very unpopular political ideals.”

Former Brexit Party MEP and GB News presenter Martin Daubney described the move as “utterly absurd” and “Orwellian nonsense”.

“How did such clowns ever get into positions of influence? This is public money – not some LGBTQ+ vanity project,” he added.

Labour Party London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who will face a tough re-election this year amid soaring knife crime in the capital, has made so-called inclusion and diversity central pillars of his administration, including a project to provide “LGBTA+ housing free from oppression”.

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