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Abandoner-in-Chief: Four Times Joe Biden Left Americans Stranded in Crises

President Joe Biden has a track record of leaving Americans stranded in the middle of crisis situations and disasters with little help on the way. Here are four times Americans had to fend for themselves:

1. Afghanistan

The Biden administration boasted that it evacuated more than 120,000 people during the chaotic and deadly withdrawal, but they managed to leave more than 800 Americans behind enemy lines.

According to the initial results of their investigation on the withdrawal, House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans found that despite the Biden administration claiming there were only 100-200 Americans left in Afghanistan, there were more than 800 who were abandoned by the time Biden pulled all United States troops out.

That number does not include those who were evacuated by non-government groups and private citizens.

The committee report stated:

The State Department has evacuated more than 800 American citizens from the country since August 31, 2022. That does not include the AMCITS evacuated by outside groups. And it is clearly dramatically more than the number of “about 100” that we were repeatedly told after the NEO [non-combat evacuation operation] ended. For perspective, the Iran hostage situation in 1979 saw 52 Americans left in the country.

In addition, 13 American service members lost their lives, and no senior military leader was ever held accountable.

US Military Killed in Afghanistan, @SpeakerMcCarthy/X

2. Sudan

The Biden administration left an estimated 16,000 private American citizens in Sudan in April to find their own means out of the country as it devolved into violent conflict.

While the administration developed options to help U.S. Embassy staff leave, the White House said there were no plans to help the thousands of Americans who were there at the time.

“It’s absolutely imperative that U.S. citizens in Sudan make their own arrangements to stay safe in these difficult circumstances,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby had said at the time, according to the Associated Press.

“Americans should have no expectation of a U.S. government coordinated evacuation at this time. And we expect that that’s going to remain the case,” he added.
As the AP reported:

The U.S. has come under scrutiny for evacuating roughly 70 embassy staff in a helicopter mission by elite SEAL commandos over the weekend, while warning thousands of private American citizens in Sudan there would be no similar evacuation for them.

Meanwhile, other countries, such as France, sent warships to help evacuate their citizens.

Evacuation of UK citizens from Sudan: In this handout image provided by the Ministry of Defence, Image of UK military personnel prepare to leave via an RAF aircraft from Wadi Seidna Air Base bound for Cyprus, on 30th April, 2023, in Omdurman, Sudan. RAF flights are continuing between Wadi Seidna airport in Sudan to Larnaca International Airport, following three evacuation flights that took place late overnight between Tuesday 25 April and Wednesday 26 April. The UK government, assisted by the British Military, has evacuated British Citizens from Sudan. (MoD Crown Copyright via Getty Images)

3. Israel

After Hamas launched a massive terrorist attack in southern Israel on Saturday, October 7, Americans in the country at the time could not make contact with the U.S. Embassy and were forced to make their own way back home.

Silver Prout, a former Trump administration official who was there with a church group, said they were not able to reach anyone at the embassy for several days, since it was closed on Monday, October 9, due to the Christopher Columbus holiday.

“So, on Monday, we had zero response from the U.S. embassy in Israel because it was closed,” she said. She said they finally got a response on Tuesday, October 10, and their recommendation was to fly out of the country commercially. However, there were widespread flight cancelations, prompting Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) to board a plane and retrieve American citizens himself.

One day after the attack in which Americans were murdered and some held hostage by Hamas, Biden hosted a BBQ at the White House.

4. East Palestine, Ohio

After a train derailment in February led to a toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, that poisoned the community’s air and water, Biden said he would visit.

Jessica Conard told The New York Times that when she heard that, she felt a sense of relief, believing that his visit would signal to the world that a disaster had happened. However, he never came.

“I feel like I don’t matter,” Conard, who voted for Biden in 2020, told the paper, adding that she was “particularly aghast” that he flew over East Palestine in September to meet union workers in Michigan, a key swing state.

Krissy Ferguson, another resident, said, “I believe that if we were in a blue area, he would have come, and that hurts.”

Biden has also not signed a disaster declaration, which would allow the state to tap into federal resources, instead issuing an executive order calling on federal agencies to conduct assessments to hold Norfolk Southern responsible.

“The fact that the president hasn’t come is disappointing,” Conard added. “But every day that Biden doesn’t declare an emergency puts my community at risk.”

“But where do you go?” she added. “Where do you go when your community is repeatedly ignored by the president of the United States? That’s where I want to go. I want to go where I feel like an American worth saving.”

Donald Trump visits East Palestine, Ohio, after train derailment:  Former President Donald Trump looks at Little Beaver Creek and Water Pumps on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023, as he visits East Palestine, Ohio, following the Feb. 3 Norfolk Southern freight train derailment. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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