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WATCH: Anti-Israel Activists Surround Car After They Block Intersection, Learn That Was Unwise Move

Everything old is new again, as anti-Israel activists start to recycle old protester tricks that were employed by the BLM. 

Remember when the BLM crew was blocking intersections and surrounding cars, then flipping their lids if the cars wanted to get through/not be restrained by them?

Always an unwise move for the activists’ safety, it’s another one of those tactics that infuriates people and turns them away from the activists’ “cause.” It also justifiably concerns the people who are surrounded and fear for their safety. 

There’s a video now going viral that captures this being employed by anti-Israel activists in Vancouver. It appears to be an incident from last month, but the video is only getting wide attention now.  You can see the video on X/Twitter here. They surrounded the car and even put a bike in front of it to prevent the car from getting through. 

But the car manages to wiggle through the cordon that they’ve set up, as they scream and curse like banshees, “Oh, my God!” and “What the f**k” as though the person is knocking them over when none of them are hit. It does sound like the car might have hit the bike though. 

They’re the ones standing in the middle of the road. At what point do they realize this is a bad strategy? And it’s funny they immediately start yelling at the cop for not protecting them from the car. The woman tells the cop that the driver ran into people when there’s no evidence of that. 

Why is the cop letting them block the road to begin with? He should be locking them all up for blocking the road. But it’s Justin Trudeau’s Canada so that probably explains why they were allowed to block the road and weren’t cleared out. 

These characters pretend that they’re the victims when they’re the ones disrupting the lives of other people and creating these situations. They also don’t seem to give a darn about the Israeli and American victims killed by the Hams terrorists. 

The police said that they were investigating the matter. They also revealed that the activists allegedly tried to open one of the car’s doors. No wonder the driver took off. 

“It is alleged a driver entered the intersection as the protest was underway and was briefly surrounded by protesters before continuing through the intersection and driving away,” Vancouver police said in a statement Friday afternoon. 
Police are also “investigating reports that protesters attempted to open a door on the car while the driver was inside,” said the statement.

So they tried to yell at the cops about the driver to get him in trouble. But it sounds like it might have backfired, and the cops may be doing something right, looking into whether the activists tried to get into the car. If they did they could have bought themselves some trouble. Not a smart move. But blocking the road wasn’t smart to begin with. 

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